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National Small Business Owner’s Day!

  Did you know that TODAY, Thursday, March 29th, is National Small Business Owner’s Day?  I sure didn’t until a few days ago!  But you better believe I’m going to take this as an opportunity to reach out to other small business owners and say THANK YOU!  I don’t even...


Back To School: A Message From Amy & Isa

This is my attempt at a video wishing everyone a fun-filled and shall I say gracefulre-entry back into the school year.  I say attempt, because you’ll see this is actually a blooper of my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter and I trying to make a video.  🙂 We made several...

30-60-90 Day Reality: It’s Not The Path To Hotel Success

“The reality is the customers are not looking at it in the 30-60-90 day window. They’re actually probably already working with a hotel partner, they’ve already gone through that stage of their buying process, and your opportunity with them is for future business,...

Are You Losing Patience With The Proactive Hotel Sales Process?

Have you ever entered into a proactive hotel sales approach and weeks, maybe months later wondered why in the world this is taking so long to realize results?  You may be tempted to jump ship, shift gears and try another new tactic on for size.  However, deep down...


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The Importance of Hotel Sales Follow-Up

Click Hereto schedule a FREE“virtual brainstorm session” to see how we can create a plan together for your hotel’s biggest sales challenges! Amy Infante has been a hotel sales & marketing consultant for the past 10 years working with her clients to navigate the...