Hotel Sales Blitzes: A business development strategy that will regenerate your sales pipeline


The life cycle of a hotel sales blitz looks kind of like this:

Initially many sales professionals and even sales leadership expect the life cycle to look something like this:

Sales Blitz Cycle - Sales Management Incorrect Idea

I wish it were that easy, but unfortunately just because an appointment is made with a potential client, doesn’t mean that their buying cycle works with the desired sales timeline.  Without getting into much detail on what a hotel sales cycle looks like, typically a sales blitz appointment is within the first 2 conversations, and it takes an average of 5 conversations to turn a business opportunity into revenue.  So, we’re really talking about the beginning of the sales process/cycle. The first conversation in a hotel sales blitz is to qualify that they have a need and interest, and the second conversation is the actual appointment to dig deeper, match needs with features and benefits and establish some trust…build a relationship.

A sales blitz is typically an event with broad brush strokes. The purpose is to canvas the market. Appointments are set with clients that have an interest and a need, BUT that doesn’t mean it is immediate. It’s an educational session with as many potential clients as you can squeeze in a short time period. The Webster’s definition of “blitz” says that it means, a fast intensive non-military campaign or attack. And this is where the confusion lies with many sales professionals.  When they ask for a sales blitz what they really want is a sniper attack. Or, to use my initial analogy, they want to use a tiny brush with intricate detail.  The only problem with that is sniper attacks and intricate details don’t require an event with multiple teams, generating awareness and excitement.  They are usually done with small teams or an individual with little fanfare and a quiet/steady approach.  Shouldn’t snipers and details be a daily occurrence as a result of all the intelligence gathered from the broad stroke approaches?  We all want business NOW!  I am guilty of this impatient nature even with my own team.  However, when expectations get out of whack…it’s important to re evaluate.

1. Maybe the sales blitz should’ve been sooner if the need is to be further along in the sales cycle at this point of the year. It’s important to plan sales blitzes strategically throughout the year as one tool to generate a constant pipeline of revenue.  Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve… Let’s focus on the now and the opportunity an event now can generate for future success.

2. Forget about the sales blitz for a second and take a look at business opportunities currently at step 3 or 4 in the sales cycle.  THOSE are the clients you should be having conversations with now to turn them into revenue producing accounts.  If you have a gap in your sales cycle at step 3,4 and 5, then there is an even greater need for a sales blitz now.   Remember, the sales blitz purpose is to regenerate the pipeline at the beginning of the cycle, which will eventually push through to the final stage IF the sales team persists.

3. It’s easy to want to rush the sales cycle and expect that at least some of the sales blitz appointments will turn into immediate business. It certainly does happen from time-to-time, and boy do we love it when it does!  Unfortunately, I see way too often that sales teams will hold a sales blitz event,  and set or try to meet very high expectations of closing business immediately. When it doesn’t happen because the client’s buying cycle doesn’t match up…they give up, exclaim the event was a waste of time and forget to move through the realistic sales cycle with these great opportunities.

In a nutshell, the sales blitz appointment is just the beginning. There is tremendous amount of work that goes into the steps before and after the appointment.  Be willing to commit to the process, and don’t give up too soon.  A well-planned and executed sales blitz, with appropriately logged activity and tracking…will gain the desired return from the time, effort and costs invested.

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