This isn’t one of my typical industry posts.  It’s a topic that I think we can all relate to though, and I felt compelled to share.  If you’re following GitGo on Facebook then you’ll see that this month’s posts have all been about gratitude.  We’re hopping on the bandwagon a bit maybe, as it’s a “thing” on Facebook this month.  But, it’s a good “thing” and maybe something we should try to do all year through.

It is easy to go through the motions day-by-day and get caught up in the mundane. I’ve been known to be a bit of a driver. Nothing ever seems good enough, as I’m always pushing for perfection or working toward “the next big thing.” Taking a time-out is being complacent in my warped mind. Each November I try to break it up a bit and bring myself back to reality. Snap out of my daily grind. Reflect…Recognize…Regroup.

I have so much to be grateful for this year, and GitGo has so many people to recognize for our success. No small business can grow and thrive without the support of a “community.” Our community is full of business partners, vendors, loyal customers, employees, contractors, cheerleaders, friends,  family…there are many names for them all. Bottom line is we are where we are today because of the beautiful people who believe in us and what we are trying to do for the industry. I only dream that I can give back to others in the same way. This post  is my small way of showing a glimpse into my heart and how truly appreciative I am for the outpouring of support from our loyal customers, our incredible staff and “village” of cheerleaders. Cheesy? Over-the-top? Maybe to some.

For an entrepreneur sometimes all it really takes is a random and simple congrats or recognition of the hard work to give you the extra nudge to keep trudging through the challenges, and that shouldn’t go without notice, should it?  My parents taught me many valuable lessons, but two that apply here are to learn to take a compliment gracefully (but never let it go to your head) and to always show appreciation.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

As I return this week from a fantastic sales trip where I feel like all I did was jabber on about the business, I was given a lot of opportunity to reflect. I am busting at the seams to reach out to all of the individuals who have helped the business get this far by either trusting in our business enough to hire our services, or simply say some kind words of encouragement to get me through my insecurities.

So, I guess this blog is more for me…a bit cathartic. Maybe in a way it is a bit selfishly written, as I just need to write and put it out there. Oh there will be personal and private thanks given this year. And maybe this will help readers reflect on your own supporters, mentors, clients, family and friends who get you through.

If you listen to the news it can seem there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for these days. The economy is in shambles, there are natural disasters at every turn, people are struggling. You know what…we are all struggling in some way shape or form. It’s life, but I am choosing this season to focus on the better part of life. Gratitude. It feels good, and just maybe I won’t wait until November to make it a bigger focus from now on.  Namaste.