Unleashing the Power of Conversational AI in Sales

Agent +Data

$500.00 / month for 6 months and a $500.00 set-up fee

  • Agent prompting/scripting/training/monitoring
  • AI CRM
  • GitGo research & provided contact list [up to 750]
  • Calendar appointment integration
  • Reporting & Review Meetings


Please note there is an additional cost of $0.32 per minute for the phone system


Are you tired of pouring resources into lead acquisition without seeing the right results? It’s time for a game-changer. GitGo’s Conversational AI Qualification & Appointment Booking Assistant isn’t just about cutting costs—it’s about targeting and securing the highest quality leads that matter most to your sales team.

Imagine a committed lead generation expert tirelessly engaging with a constant flow of potential clients, and effortlessly organizing qualification notes and appointments directly to the sales teams’ calendar to secure business opportunities.

Join us in embracing the digital evolution in hotel sales.  Be among the first 100 companies to gain early access while stepping into the forefront of industry innovation.  Your success story begins here!

Listen to our AI agent at work.

The Agent with data package starts at $500 plus a $500 setup fee. (Please note that your first payment will be $1,000 followed by five months at $500 per month). We will work with you to source the best data for your hotel and the only other cost you need to be aware of is the telephone charges whilst our AI Agent is at work – this is 32c per minute.


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