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Outshine Hotel Competitors & Beat the Game of Commodization!

Here is something that may shock you... In ANY. GIVEN. INDUSTRY. only 3% of the audience is in the market ready to purchase.   This has been true for many years now and quite possibly a statistic you’ve heard before.     Let’s break it down. When the 3% is coming to...

Prospects Ghosting You? 3 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going

A few years ago, ghosting was not a term people used.   You may know it by another name… Radio silence, avoidance, complete disconnect, etc. We've all been in the situation, whether related to hotel sales or not.  You make a great connection, the energy felt right and...


November: A Month of Gratitude

Every day this month the team here at Plan B Consultants, Inc. and Sales4Hire™ has been acknowledging, sharing, and celebrating all that we have to be  grateful for. In this short 2.5 minute video our Founder and CEO Amy Infanteshares what she is thankful for this...

One Simple Reason Your Hotel Revenue Is Falling Short

“More conversations lead to more bookings.”   Statistics show that it is more important than everto consistently, proactively prospect so that you can reach customers sooner, have genuine conversationswith them, and begin building relationships of trust! In this 3.5...


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Our Diverse Experience

With experience in more than 300markets throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, and Latin America, there isn't much that we haven't faced with our hotel partners. Whether your hotel is located in a major market or a micropolitan, our team's...

Hotel Sales Solutions Built to Serve

  Amy Infante, has developed Plan B Consultants and Sales4Hire™ from her passion to provide solutions for business leaders and hotel owners that are tailor made to find top line revenue. Amy has been a hotel sales & marketing consultant for the past 10 years...