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5 Tips to Build Mental Stamina

5 Tips to Build Mental Stamina

STAMINA is a topic we've been discussing a lot internally within our team at GitGo, and with our hotel partners.  In today's environment it is critical to nurture this skill and frame of mind.  More specifically, how we as individuals can build mental stamina within...

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The Antidote for Fear, is Action!

"The Antidote for Fear, is Action!" In uncertain times, we have to control what we can control and realize that these current events give us opportunity to look at things thru a new lens to create an even better "new normal" and a strong recovery. Here are 3 ways you...

Mindful Sales Practices During a Downturn

COVID-19 Real Talk: These times call us to use mindful sales practices and lead with heart, so that we can impact the best recovery possible. For other resources check out these: 5 Key Actions During a Downturn for Hotel Sales Leaders...