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GitGo Celebrations

GitGo – The New Us

GitGo – The New Us

 Welcome to the new us!  This is our new normal, and we are so incredibly proud and excited for the future as GitGo!  It’s difficult as the founder to put words to how much this means to me personally to be a part of the evolution of our business.  Although I had no...


One Simple Reason Your Hotel Revenue Is Falling Short

“More conversations lead to more bookings.”   Statistics show that it is more important than everto consistently, proactively prospect so that you can reach customers sooner, have genuine conversationswith them, and begin building relationships of trust! In this 3.5...

Back To School: A Message From Amy & Isa

This is my attempt at a video wishing everyone a fun-filled and shall I say gracefulre-entry back into the school year.  I say attempt, because you’ll see this is actually a blooper of my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter and I trying to make a video.  🙂 We made several...

30-60-90 Day Reality: It’s Not The Path To Hotel Success

“The reality is the customers are not looking at it in the 30-60-90 day window. They’re actually probably already working with a hotel partner, they’ve already gone through that stage of their buying process, and your opportunity with them is for future business,...