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Hitting the Target Beyond a Prospecting Campaign

“We need lead generation to fill our sales gaps in the next two to three months!!”  Getting into conversations beginning like this can be tough because it’s NOT just about the next two to three months… If you google GitGo, visit our website or ask around, we can be...

Outshine Hotel Competitors & Beat the Game of Commodization!

Here is something that may shock you... In ANY. GIVEN. INDUSTRY. only 3% of the audience is in the market ready to purchase.   This has been true for many years now and quite possibly a statistic you’ve heard before.     Let’s break it down. When the 3% is coming to...

Prospects Ghosting You? 3 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going

A few years ago, ghosting was not a term people used.   You may know it by another name… Radio silence, avoidance, complete disconnect, etc. We've all been in the situation, whether related to hotel sales or not.  You make a great connection, the energy felt right and...


Back To School: A Message From Amy & Isa

This is my attempt at a video wishing everyone a fun-filled and shall I say gracefulre-entry back into the school year.  I say attempt, because you’ll see this is actually a blooper of my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter and I trying to make a video.  🙂 We made several...

30-60-90 Day Reality: It’s Not The Path To Hotel Success

“The reality is the customers are not looking at it in the 30-60-90 day window. They’re actually probably already working with a hotel partner, they’ve already gone through that stage of their buying process, and your opportunity with them is for future business,...

Are You Losing Patience With The Proactive Hotel Sales Process?

Have you ever entered into a proactive hotel sales approach and weeks, maybe months later wondered why in the world this is taking so long to realize results?  You may be tempted to jump ship, shift gears and try another new tactic on for size.  However, deep down...


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