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5 Key Actions During a Downturn for Hotel Sales Leaders

5 Key Actions During a Downturn for Hotel Sales Leaders

Regardless of what is going on in our industry, I’ve always stood firm in my belief that we should focus energy on what we can control. If so, we will come out of any situation with more lessons learned, knowledge and growth. Many feel that the sky is falling.  At...

Amy Infante’s Top 5 Books for Leaders

Amy Infante’s Top 5 Books for Leaders

We asked our CEO, Amy Infante, to put together a list of her top five books about leadership, business and mindset.  She selected the following books for leaders interested in transforming themselves, their teams, and organizations.     1. Start With Why - Simon...

GitGo Celebrations

GitGo’s Brand Promise

GitGo’s Brand Promise

Our Brand Promise to all our hotel partners: Each interaction with our team is designed to inspire action and cultivate success. We promise to: Deliver best-in-class expert programs and solutions built from real-world experience for real-world results Dig in and own...


Two Reasons Why Hotel Lead Generation Programs Fail

Ever wonder why hotel lead generation programs don't deliver the results you expect? In the video below, our CEO, Amy Infante, describes the two BIG reasons why lead generation programs for hotels need to be looked at through a different lense. #B2Bbuyingisdifferent...

November: A Month of Gratitude

Every day this month the team here at Plan B Consultants, Inc. and Sales4Hire™ has been acknowledging, sharing, and celebrating all that we have to be  grateful for. In this short 2.5 minute video our Founder and CEO Amy Infanteshares what she is thankful for this...