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We never let our clients lose a night’s sleep over their sales pipeline.

GitGo’s Leadership Team

Amy Infante
CEO & Owner

A full of life entrepreneur originally from Wisner, NE.  Amy has spent years developing new ideas and breaking ground in the hospitality industry!  About 13 years ago, Amy saw a need within the industry for a hotel partner to help hotels struggling with sales, meeting goals, and generating revenue.  

Since then, Amy has put the pedal to the metal and created GitGo – where our goal is to help individual hotels, management companies, & global brands generate more revenue.  Her passion and positive energy are why GitGo is thriving business you can trust.

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SuperpowerEmpowerment Coach

Fun Fact: Amy used to dance competitively and can choreograph full dance performances in her head!

Core Area of Expertise:

  • Bachelor’s of Journalism in Advertising and Minor in Marketing – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Six Sigma Green Belt certification – Villanova University
  • Certificate of Revenue Management – Cornell University
  • Director of Corporate Travel for five IHG-managed hotels in the San Francisco market

Driving Force: 

Her husband, Giovanni (G1), and Amy have two beautiful children, Giovanni (G2) and Isabella.  Amy reads A LOT, & her favorite book of all time is Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  Amy’s favorite place to be is anywhere she can unplug, reflect and spend uninterrupted time with her family. Whether that be in her backyard or in Kauai!

Top Five Strengths:

Input | Maximizer | Ideation | Futuristic | Activator

Katie Donner
Director of Operations

Katie is from Pilger, NE which is just a few miles away from our office in Wisner.  She is our competitive, task-oriented, driving force behind-the-scenes gal. She gives 110% and expects nothing less from her team! Katie has been at GitGo from the get go.   

Katie supports our Enterprise clients by sharing business insights and data and help tell the story and give meaning to the data.

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SuperpowerGoal Crusher

Fun Fact:

Katie has ziplined in Jamaica and gone dog sledding in Alaska!

Core Area of Expertise:

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (concentration in management) – Wayne State College
  • Data Analytics & Strategic Planning
  • Administrative Expert of Operations, Sales, and Marketing for Royco Hotels
  • Employee Choice Award at Royco Hotels National Convention after first year of service

Driving Force:

Katie’s husband, Aaron, and step-daughter, Gwen, now call Wisner home.  She is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community, including being an active member in TeamMates, a mentoring program in NE & IA.  Katie’s favorite place in the world is on a boat in water with a fishing pole & book. She enjoys, reading and spending time with her family.

Top Five Strengths:

Competition | Achiever | Deliberative | Discipline| Focus

Rebecca Tully
Director of Training

Rebecca is originally from Buffalo, NY and now lives in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Her positivity and upbeat personality shines through when training internal and onboarding team members.  

Rebecca is always looking towards the future on how we can improve our systems and processes.  If she does not know the answer, she will find it! Her resourcefulness and wide array of knowledge make her an essential part of GitGo!

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SuperpowerAdaptable Trailblazer

Fun Fact:

Rebecca has lived in the Southeast area since 1991.  Some of that time was spent living in Atlanta, GA which makes her a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan… Go DAWGS!

Core Area of Expertise:

  • Attended Marriott University
  • General Manager
  • Regional Director of Operations
  • Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Driving Force:

She is passionate about making an impact and helping others achieve their goals.  Her favorite things about working at GitGo are the people, the collaboration, and the teamwork! Rebecca loves learning about individuals and their stories.  Those people and their stories help inspire her to keep pushing towards progress. Rebecca has a puppy, Dash, and enjoys going to the beach, reading, singing, and writing.

Top Five Strengths:

Empathy | Developer | Responsibility | Strategic | Learner

Dana Wockenfuss
Director of Marketing

Dana  grew up an Air Force brat, and claims Colorado Springs as her hometown.  She is our in-house social media guru and creator of all things pretty. Not only does she run with everything that is thrown at her, she kills it 110%!

Dana’s can-do attitude and vision for the future help the momentum of the company to continue to grow.  She is a catalyst for new ideas and company culture at GitGo!

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SuperpowerJump-start Planner

Fun Fact: 

Hafa Adai! Dana was born in Guam when her parents were stationed there.

Core Area of Expertise:

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality, Restaurant, Tourism Management and minor in Leadership & Communication – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Heavy sales, catering, & event planning background
  • Worked at a Hilton property for 4 years
  • Enthusiastically creative

Driving Force:

Dana got married this year! Her husband, Blake, is a high school special ed teacher where they live, just few towns over from Wisner, in Norfolk, NE.   They love to travel and explore new places for Summer breaks. Dana also enjoys home improvement projects, singing, reading, eating great food, and trying different types of beer and wine.  She knows just about every Disney song by heart and will play Disney music for some motivation!

Top Five Strengths:

Activator | Maximizer | Futuristic | Individualization | Connectedness

Elizabeth Kloth
Director of Finance

Elizabeth hails from Lincoln, NE.  She is our company financial wizard and wild child!  She is loaded with fun stories and good times. The stereotype of “boring accounting guy,” does NOT fit this fun mama.

Elizabeth is always ready to jump in to help on projects and we couldn’t get through the week without her! She is also one of the first faces our new GitGo-er team members see, as Elizabeth is our HR gal.

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SuperpowerPositive Energizer

Fun Fact: 

Elizabeth is a Trivial Pursuit guru, and can beat just about anyone in random facts!

Core Area of Expertise:

  • A degree  in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting & Marketing
  • Accounting & Human Resources
  • Committee Member – Wisner Jr Livestock Show [Founded Fundraising Dinner for the Livestock Show]
  • Head of Wisner Blood Drive for 7 years

Driving Force:

Elizabeth and her husband stay busy with their two kids, Ryker & Sawyer.  Her favorite place to be is Disney World; who can blame her! Elizabeth’s dream vacation is exploring the Mykonos Islands.  When she isn’t busy crunching numbers, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, reading, playing board games, and water skiing.

Top Five Strengths:

Woo | Harmony | Positivity | Communcation | Individualization

Core Values


We focus on our strengths

Our team has a “strengths focused” mindset.  We want the right people in the right seats on our bus. We encourage our GitGo-ers to understand their own personal “Why!”  And we applaud the diversity each team member adds to our team.


Feed Your Passion

We encourage our GitGo-ers to feed their passions in their everyday life and explore their interests!  Bowling League, Civil War Reenactments, National Shot Put Champion, Human Trafficking Awareness. We draw inspiration from all aspects of life.


Flex Your Empowerment Muscles

We trust our team.  So if a client has an issue, we encourage our GitGo-ers to use their noggin, resources, and experience to get the job done right and as quickly as possible.  Hoops to jump through make solutions come slower, and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”


Make Your Mamma Proud

Generally, making your mom proud is a pretty good goal.  We strive to do the right thing. All those mom words like: Honesty, respect, and politeness!


Think Positive, Stay Positive

Optimistic, Enthusiastic, and Light-hearted.  A happy GitGo-er is the best kind of GitGo-er. We celebrate wins, big and small.

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