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We know as well as you do: There is no replacement for voice-of-the-customer insights. That’s why GitGo insights are rooted in direct conversation and feedback from your target audience. 

That means economic uncertainty or a massive market shifts don’t have to spell stall-outs and paralysis. 

When you partner with GitGo, your strategy is on target to reach, engage, activate and convert more business. Always.

Ready to beat the curve?

We simplify sales for stakeholders across the hospitality spectrum:

How will our team take your sales to the next level? 

Programs built to secure Insights

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GitGo Framework™

We deploy surveys, live interviews, social listening, email campaigns and other tactics to collect customer insights.

You take away a comprehensive report, which your team can use to take immediate action, driving business from the most logical B2B segments and industries.


Fully Executed Solution Managing $1.73+ Billion in the Sales Funnel


Company had an unkempt database & sales pipeline leakage. Their lean sales team was forced to concentrate on back half of the sales funnel with little bandwidth to build and maintain the pipeline.


GitGo implemented a phased approach to meet business challenges, aligned a lead scoring system with Company's current process to eliminate confusion and disruption. GitGo also ensured all processes were achievable inside Company's current CRM

Phase 1 - Verification


Companies requalified

Interviewed and updated lead scores and next step action plan.

Phase 2 - Nurture


Twice validated companies with travel spend of $1.73 billion

Nurtured verified leads as they moved throughout their buying cycle

Phase 3 - Target

Built look-alike list of target companies from insights discovered in phase 1 & 2
With audience profiles, GitGo created a drip campaign to further target businesses


"Flexible and adjusts as needed"
"Dedicated and committed"
"Transparent Partnership"
"An extension of our team"
"A desire to represent you, the brand"
"Extremely hands on, that's what really has driven success"
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We help hotels grow revenue with our cutting-edge business outreach team.

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