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Outsource all or part of your sales organization

Welcome to our full service customized sales solution for management companies and travel brands. GitGo Alliance™ is designed to deliver the most robust, strategic and targeted sales resources, tools and skills to win your team more revenue.

Management Companies & Travel Brands

Measurable results for your sales and marketing tactics.

Easy to Start

Strategically select 10-15% of your portfolio to get started.
Sales Team

Optional "White Label" Model

Total confidentiality creates seamless partnerships invisible to the outside observer.

Flexible Pricing

The GitGo Alliance™ program is affordable and ideal for a pass-through pricing model.

Customizable & Adaptable

Our GitStarted™ Assessment process creates the perfect fit for your company’s unique position and growth targets. We’re here to generate temporary or long-term solutions — to fill your portfolio or simply pad it. This is the flexibility that astonishes our partners and sets us apart as a nimble partner with your best interest at the center of our actions.

The Set-Up Process

First things first. Let’s work together to strategically select 10-15% of your property portfolio. Starting small will help you keep this transformation process efficient and affordable.

Next, we will create benchmarks and scorecards to track progress and results. This part is is critical. As our team works together to implement GitGo’s proven tools and tactics, we will use these scorecards to ensure your customized success indicators have been met.

After we’ve achieved success with the pilot program, it’s time to share these results and implement marketing communications to drive participation among your hotels.

Finally! At this step in your journey, it’s time to incorporate everything we’ve learned from operating your pilot program and continue tracking results for the rest of your portfolio.

Why choose GitGo Alliance™?

Oh — Did You Think That Was All?

With our GitGo Alliance™ partners, we take an extra step. At no extra fee, we provide customized recommendations and resources to boost your success. Examples of this might include access to GitGo Coaching, discounts on GitGo Virtual Sales Blitzes, access to GitSmart™ technology solutions and more.

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Hotel-to-Business Outreach

We help hotels grow revenue with our cutting-edge business outreach team.

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