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Knowing Your Audience Has Never Been so Easy

Finally: A Sales Solution With Actionable Data

We know it as well as you do: There is no replacement for quality target prospecting data. 

Especially for a sales team with limited time and resources for proactive business development.

That’s why we created the GitGo Groundwork™ program and developed a new technology called the GitSmart™ Prospecting Portal. Combining these resources provides hotels with a simple, organized and cost-effective way to acquire targeted customer data. 

Programs to drive actionable data

Market Data

GitGo Groundwork™

Our processes and technology are optimized to design business development campaigns for some of the largest travel and hospitality organizations in the world.

This program works well for individual properties with a small team and small budget. This is a scalable product that allows you to call the shots and determine your own budget.

GitGo delivers a curated list within 10 days of receiving the hotel’s order and payment (even sooner when you upgrade to the GitGo Living Lead Funnel Access Portal).

GitSmart™ Prospecting Portal

This brand new technology empowers your sales team to keep up with the demands of proactive new business development.

GitSmart™ Prospecting Portal​ organizes all of your prospects and any action taken on those prospects — allowing you to optimize your focus for a longer list of priorities. 

Market Data

Select-Service Branded Hotel


A newly acquired 128-room hotel in a highly saturated suburban market was needing a strong focus on their sales pipeline, as they had very little focus in sales over the past two years.


GitGo teamed up with the property owner, GM and their newly appointed DOS to turn things around. It was determined the property needed a stronger focus on mid-week corporate business. During the project, in fact, over five local negotiated contracts were signed, and GitGo was able to uncover information that led to the largest demand generator in the market accepting the hotel into their preferred program for the first time ever!

Campaign Results


Total Calls


Leads Level 1 & 2


Leads Level 3


Leads Level 4 & 5


Revenue Potential Discovered

Break Even


This sales team will only need to book 1.4% of business to break even on their investment.
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Hotel-to-Business Outreach

We help hotels grow revenue with our cutting-edge business outreach team.

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