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GitGo’s solutions are scalable. Our strategies cultivate success within the B2B landscape for established brands operating inside of major chains, as well as emerging and independent companies.

Our travel brand partners trust GitGo to be a stable yet nimble partner. Revenue results are always measured by clear KPI’s, ensuring franchise stakeholders experience that value too.

Featured GitGo Programs For You

GitGo Alliance Program

A “white label” service (totally confidential) designed for management companies to outsource all or part of their sales organization — creating more efficiencies and lower costs while eliminating turnover and staffing challenges.  

Our GitStarted Assessment process creates the perfect fit for your company’s unique position and growth targets. We’re here to generate temporary or long-term solutions — to fill your portfolio or simply pad it. This is the flexibility that astonishes our partners and sets us apart as a nimble partner with your best interest at the center of our actions.

Our structure and pricing model can be instituted as a pass-through to ensure affordability across all participating hotels, or a customized program designed to best fit your current structure and how you work with your hotel partners.

We guide all of our Alliance partners through the GitStarted Assessment process — and then we take an extra step. At no extra fee, we provide customized recommendations and resources to boost your success. Examples of this might include access to GitGo Coaching, discounts on GitGo Virtual Sales Blitzes, access to GitSmart technology solutions and more.

Hotel Sales,Sales team,Hotel revenue
Hotel Sales,Sales team,Hotel revenue

GitGo Works™

Sometimes your sales strategy just needs a kickstart.

The GitGoWorks™ program provides three tiers of service to meet your hotels where they are today with sales, marketing and revenue generation needs. Whether or not you have a sales team in place, GitGoWorks™ will deploy data, insights and resources to boost revenue.

Using GitGo’s GitStarted Assessment Process to create the fit for your hotel’s situation & growth targets

Designed for franchisees and companies intensely focused on ROI from their brand partners. Our CEO personally designed these programs from her own experience purchasing product, services and partnerships from outside firms.
Designed and refined for today’s sales environment. GitGo conducts over 500,000 conversations with travel buyers each year. We know where to find qualified clients, how to attract them and how to keep them in your sales pipeline. Serving thousands of hotels each year in both major and tertiary markets, branded or independent, full-service to extended stay.

Fully Executed Solution Managing $1.73+ Billion in the Sales Funnel


Company had an unkempt database & sales pipeline leakage. Their lean sales team was forced to concentrate on back half of the sales funnel with little bandwidth to build and maintain the pipeline.


GitGo implemented a phased approach to meet business challenges, aligned a lead scoring system with Company's current process to eliminate confusion and disruption. GitGo also ensured all processes were achievable inside Company's current CRM

Phase 1 - Verification


Companies requalified

Interviewed and updated lead scores and next step action plan.

Phase 2 - Nurture


Twice validated companies with travel spend of $1.73 billion

Nurtured verified leads as they moved throughout their buying cycle

Phase 3 - Target

Built look-alike list of target companies from insights discovered in phase 1 & 2
With audience profiles, GitGo created a drip campaign to further target businesses


"Flexible and adjusts as needed"
"Dedicated and committed"
"Transparent Partnership"
"An extension of our team"
"A desire to represent you, the brand"
"Extremely hands on, that's what really has driven success"
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Hotel-to-Business Outreach

We help hotels grow revenue with our cutting-edge business outreach team.

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