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Your strategy guide to success in hotel sales

Empowering your sales team to bring client feedback, even from a negative experience can be a powerful tool. In this mini-cast, Amy shares some perspectives on this common challenge.

Never take a set-it-and-forget-it approach with your negotiated rate accounts. In this brief mini-cast, Amy gives a compelling reason why it's so important to be having quality conversations with existing customers, and how you can use the powerful insight you'll discover to your advantage. 

In this episode, we share a few really simple and practical tips [in less than 4 minutes] on how to overcome the top reason accounts are not booking with their preferred hotels.

We see it over and over again where hotels are caught in a pricing doom loop between their contracted business and public rates. We share a perspective on this challenge and a few quick tips to overcome. 

A common reason we hear as to why existing accounts aren't booking their discounted rate...they simply forgot they had a discount. Here we share the many reasons for this, and how to overcome so you see the revenue you worked so hard to contract! 

Make sure your sales and marketing team understands this nuance. Also, learn the #1 thing to consider when activating your existing business accounts. 

Here's a few obvious, yet not-so-obvious ways you can make it so much easier to do business for your existing customers, which will accelerate activation of your existing account base. Amy gives some simple tips based on experience of the GitGo team and their clients.

What is a common questions we get asked at GitGo by our hotel partners? "How do we win more revenue from our existing account base."  

As a sales leader, part of your job is to keep your sales team focused - what are the best ways to do that?

Learn what GitGo discovered by digging into three years of customer data, and what it means for your proactive hotel sales efforts. Learn about:

  1. The Hidden Revenue Zone
  2. The Influence Zone
  3. The Commoditization Zone

Rule of 7+ Whitepaper

See the Hotel B2B Buyer Journey on page #11 of the whitepaper.

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