The Hotel-to-Business Outreach Podcast

Your strategy guide to success in hotel sales

In this mini podcast, Amy spends a few minutes talking about balance and how we can deliver results for our team and clients successfully while honoring our need to focus energy outside of work. It's not a clear balance for everyone, as this is an individual journey.

In this mini cast, we touch on how GitGo drives stronger accountability for our team so they take ownership and embrace our client's objectives and how you can do this inside your own organization.

In this mini cast, our CEO discusses the importance of process to ensure a sustainable sales effort so you don't burn out your sales talent in this ultra competitive environment.  

In this mini cast, we give a few quick tips on how to provide consultative sales with customers considering corporate housing vs. a hotel, and ways to ensure you're having open dialogue to really understand who your competitors are when trying to win corporate business. 

Empowering your sales team to bring client feedback, even from a negative experience can be a powerful tool. In this mini-cast, Amy shares some perspectives on this common challenge.

Never take a set-it-and-forget-it approach with your negotiated rate accounts. In this brief mini-cast, Amy gives a compelling reason why it's so important to be having quality conversations with existing customers, and how you can use the powerful insight you'll discover to your advantage. 

In this episode, we share a few really simple and practical tips [in less than 4 minutes] on how to overcome the top reason accounts are not booking with their preferred hotels.

We see it over and over again where hotels are caught in a pricing doom loop between their contracted business and public rates. We share a perspective on this challenge and a few quick tips to overcome. 

A common reason we hear as to why existing accounts aren't booking their discounted rate...they simply forgot they had a discount. Here we share the many reasons for this, and how to overcome so you see the revenue you worked so hard to contract! 

Make sure your sales and marketing team understands this nuance. Also, learn the #1 thing to consider when activating your existing business accounts. 

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