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One thing we hear too often is that sales leads aren’t inclined to engage right away. 

We launched the GitEngaged™ email marketing program to help hospitality organizations (1) warm up sales prospects and (2) activate sales potential.

Our B2B marketing experts map out the cadence and flow of a fully customized email campaign. This will free you up to focus on connecting with prospects when they need you the most: go time. 

The GitEngaged™ program includes:

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GitGo Works™

The GitGoWorks™ program provides three tiers of service to meet your hotels where they are today with sales, marketing and revenue generation needs. Whether or not you have a sales team in place, GitGoWorks™ will deploy data, insights and resources to boost revenue.

Our GitStarted™ Assessment process will tailor a unique fit for your hotel’s growth targets.

This program was personally designed by GitGo CEO Amy Infante for ROI-focused business owners. It’s streamlined by her own experience purchasing products and services from third-party firms.

GitGoWorks™… well, works. This program is refined for today’s sales environment. From full-service to extended stay travelers, GitGo conducts over 500,000 conversations with buyers from your target market each year. We know where to find qualified clients, how to attract them and how to keep them in your sales pipeline.


Large Enterprise Americas Sales Business Development Campaign


A major hotel company had disruption to their business development team over the past several months needed a strong and immediate boost to the pipeline. They were overwhelmed by the amount of data and contacts in their database, and needed a well-organized campaign to quickly gain insights and share the most viable/qualified leads with their business development team to follow up and nurture.


GitGo collaborated with the division’s leadership and together came up with a unique plan that works with their current systems and set-up to quickly identify the best opportunities. By deploying our business investigative team to the task, GitGo was able to deploy fully trained resources to the project within two weeks with immediate opportunities for the company.

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We help hotels grow revenue with our cutting-edge business outreach team.

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