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GitGo was hired to help us with six particular markets needing a strong boost of new business in their pipeline that would be viable, fully qualified and have future potential. They found over $600K in revenue potential in less than 90 days in the middle of the pandemic. We now have relationships with several great companies that we know will turn to business for the 120 hotels we manage just as soon as they start traveling again.

We’ve tried other companies that provide new business development and prospecting services that fell flat. GitGo was a breath of fresh air providing excellent customer service, transparent and meaningful review calls & reporting, and most of all, truly qualified, viable and quantifiable business opportunities that stretch beyond just the six markets we assigned to them. They go far beyond “lead generation” and become a partner, advisor and guide with resources that go expand further than just finding the business. They also execute campaigns to nurture business that really allows a sales team to focus on relationships and conversion.
Kevin Dailey
President, Nationwide Hospitality Management Company

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