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Level up your sales game

Our expert-led coaching program includes three tiers designed to meet sellers and sales teams where they are in terms of influence and revenue. We’ll provide you with the resources and mentorship needed to elevate your bottom line. 

Choose the tier that’s right for you — and let’s Git Going!

GitGo Spark™

A kickstart program designed to provide applicable tools and mindset methods.
  • Community Support
  • Group Coaching Q&A

GitGo Fuel™

1:1 Coaching
We dive deeper into performance roadblocks.
  • Community Support
  • Group Coaching Q&A
  • 1:1 Coaching With Experts

GitGo Ignite™

Full Customization
A fully customized program designed to optimize your sales team for success.
  • Community Support
  • Group Coaching Q&A
  • 1:1 Coaching With Experts
  • Full Customization

GitGo Spark™  

Self-paced. Community support. Group coaching Q&A.

Sometimes a spark is all it takes. We introduced this individualized tier of GitGo coaching, because we believe there has never been a more critical time in hospitality for sales professionals (or aspiring sales professionals) to invest in their own future.

This kickstart program provides applicable tools and proven mindset methods. Our unique approach weaves in real-world application, community group coaching and master classes that will catapult your value.

Are you ready to light a spark?


GitGo Fuel™ 

GitGo Spark™ + 1:1 Coaching With Hospitality Experts

Invest in the rising star[s] of your sales organization. GitGo Fuel™ provides all the benefits of GitGo Spark™ — plus virtual one-on-one coaching with leading experts in hospitality sales and mindset. 

We dive deeper into performance roadblocks, sharing practical strategies specifically tailored to the individual. This customization will allow your team members to leverage their unique strengths and close more sales.

Are you ready to fuel your sales engine?


GitGo Ignite™

GitGo Spark™ + GitGo Fuel™ + Full Customization

Fully customized, this premium tier of coaching is designed to optimize your team’s sales potential and transform your team’s performance from average to world class.

GitGo coaches ensure accountability by building in one-on-one time with each team member. Simultaneously, we will dive into the systems, processes and tools that deliver measurable results.

GitGo Ignite™ is well-suited for newly formed teams looking to launch successfully into the new era of hospitality sales. It is also effective for existing teams who’ve experienced change and need an added layer of support, accountability and fresh insight to compete in today’s environment.

Are you ready to ignite your sales potential?

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