5 Negative Affects On Hotel Sales Pipeline Consistency: Poor Infrastructure

In Part 4 of our 5-Part Video Series, we take a look at the importance of establishing a strong infrastructure, with the systems, solutions, and processes necessary to successfully build your hotel sales pipeline. Also be sure to tune in next week for the 5th and final edition of our video series on the elements that negatively affect your team’s ability to consistently build your hotel sales pipeline.

Thank you for watching!  I would love for you to comment & share with us what other challenges your hotel has faced in building an infrastructure and how you overcame them…

Amy Infante has been a hotel sales & marketing consultant for the past 10 years working with her clients to navigate the B2B buying process as it specifically relates to hotel sales team success. Amy founded GitGo from her passion to provide solutions for business leaders and hotel owners that are tailor made to find top line revenue. Want to get on Amy’s calendar? 

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