Are You Losing Patience With The Proactive Hotel Sales Process?

Have you ever entered into a proactive hotel sales approach and weeks, maybe months later wondered why in the world this is taking so long to realize results?  You may be tempted to jump ship, shift gears and try another new tactic on for size.  However, deep down we know why there is no “magic pill”, and we know that realistically building a solid and effective hotel sales pipeline takes time, and doesn’t reap benefits overnight.  Likely, if you’re in a position where you need business overnight from these efforts…you didn’t get in this place overnight therefore, you won’t get out of it overnight either.  This 4.5 minute video serves as a reminder (and a little bit of hard truth) but also shares the benefit to stay committed to proactive sales efforts for your hotel by showing and sharing fact-based information around why regardless of how long it takes to get back on solid ground with your sales pipeline, it is a must for a healthy hotel business.  I also share some facts around what is realistic with regards to follow-up with the B2B buyer today.

Enjoy! If you’re interested in more dialogue around this topic, give me a shout!  I can be reached at amy.infante@planbconsultants.com or feel free to use my calendar to schedule a conversation about your particular hotel, and let’s get creative on ways to overcome your revenue challenges!  https://www.timetrade.com/book/GFL7M.

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