Back To School: A Message From Amy & Isa

This is my attempt at a video wishing everyone a fun-filled and shall I say gracefulre-entry back into the school year.  I say attempt, because you’ll see this is actually a blooper of my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter and I trying to make a video.  🙂 We made several attempts, and it just wasn’t working, but something tells me my tribe of working hotel parents will relate.   Sometimes we gotta take imperfect action!

What I really wanted to say in this video is that “I get it”.  This is a crazy time of year as those of us who are parents send our kids to school for the first time, or back to school all while juggling this hectic time of year for hotels with mid-year reviews, budget season and RFP season.  It’s a BIG season!  I wanted to wish everyone the opportunity to find the balance you need to be there for your family, your teams, your hotel(s), and yourselves.  I wish you the energy you need to sustain the hectic pace of this season, and get through the crunch time you may be facing.  I want to remind you, because I often need this reminder as well, that we do all of this to serve.  To serve our families, our colleagues, our hotel owners, our clients and our guests.  Serving others is what fills our buckets.  It’s how we are wired.  It’s just what we do.

If you are not in the thick of back-to-school, as I surely haven’t been before this year either! Then keep in mind that many of your colleagues/employees are.  Give a little space for this short time-period, and support one another.  It’s to serve the children who are so very blessed to have amazing opportunities to build a future that is even better!

I sent my oldest child to Kindergarten and my youngest to pre-school, and it was a little emotional for this mommy.  But, I have to say I was beaming with pride for them and excitement for all the experiences they will have this school year.

Wishing you all a fantastic back-to-school experience with children who go to bed early without a fuss & wake up excited and ready to learn! 🙂Let’s Do This!

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