Market Insights

Real-time, actionable market data & insights –

Allow us to refine your market strategy, freeing up your team to focus on booking business!

Markets are constantly shifting; stay ahead of your competition with one of our GitGo Works™ Market Insights Program Solutions. 

Our genius is proactive business development.  Gaining a pulse on your best and most valuable potential business targets takes valuable time & bandwidth most hotel organizations don’t have.  With three tiers of service, GitGo meets you where you are in your evolution to build a fact-based sales culture. 

GitGo Works Program Lineup

Market Groundwork™

Identified Target B2B database that may include:

  • Backyard business
  • Drive markets
  • Feeder markets


Market Framework™

+ Market Groundwork 

+ Full Market Insights report designed to develop pinpointed sales tactics & strategy by providing deeper context & guidance for the team to take action. 


Market Masterwork™

+ Market Groundwork

+ Market Framework

+ Customized deployment solution to activate the database and insights to drive revenue.


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