5 Key Actions During a Downturn for Hotel Sales Leaders

Leaders during a downturn

Regardless of what is going on in our industry, I’ve always stood firm in my belief that we should focus energy on what we can control. If so, we will come out of any situation with more lessons learned, knowledge and growth.

Many feel that the sky is falling.  At GitGo, we see it differently.   

We choose to approach every challenge as a test to learn and grow and come out even stronger!  

Our mission is to illuminate possibilities and inspire action for our hospitality partners through good times and bad.     

Here are  5 actions every sales leader needs to be taking with their sales team right now

1. Share the facts often

Don’t just huddle with your team once.   Be steadfast and consistent. Feed them with fact-based updates and perspective.  I huddled with my team last week in the midst of business travel, 6 flights and 3 hotels in 6 days. This week we held our monthly “Mindset Series” on Confidence & Empowerment. You can bet your bottom dollar the latest news events even made it into that presentation & how we can apply confidence and empowerment to this situation.  We will continue to be in conversation in the coming weeks to ensure as things evolve, they have a steadfast leader who’s there to support and keep the perspective. 

For example, with today’s current headlines this is how we approached it with our team:   

    • I shared facts about COVID-19 from experts including WHO and the CDC.
    • I emphasised the reality of my conversations and observations during my own travel.
    • We discussed the impact to our hotel partners & their reactions.
    • The team gave feedback on what they were hearing from the customers we have been talking to on behalf of our clients.
    • I reassured them GitGo is watching closely, and will update them with any new/relevant/fact-based information.
    • Set up a meeting cadence for regular communication, let the team know the best way to lay out information on customer needs so they can get the quickest response back from leadership.

  Primarily, our discussion boiled down to answering questions with facts, and easing fears.

2. Share the common message you want sales delivering to your customers. 

Arm them with relevant facts. Help them craft messages that support the organization’s message so that it is followed by all.  Ensure the team is sharing what they are hearing consistently back to leadership.

3. Dive into the customers and industries still traveling in your market. 

THIS IS CRITICAL!  This ensures your team is taking action and keeping perspective on what they can control.  We’ve conducted several strategy sessions with customers sharing industry detail, tactics that are working nationwide and true voice-of-the-customer feedback from live calls to help make decisions on tactical direction.    

We’re seeing a lot of movement still in the small and mid-size business sector in various industry segments across the country.   

I can assure you, at GitGo we have been finding companies that are not changing their travel plans, and we booked a significant amount of business in the past several days .   It goes back to a point I discussed a few weeks ago.  I urge our sales partners to turn off the news during the day, and be curious about what’s REALLY happening inside their customer’s organizations. 

4. Have MORE CONVERSATIONS with customers and potential customers.  

It deserves it’s own bullet point .  Do NOT allow recent events to paralyze your sales team’s activities. Be mindful and compassionate about the situation, but don’t stop communicating, asking questions and being curious.  

Questions to ask current customers: 

– What are you hearing inside your organization related to travel?  

– Are there departments/groups that currently must travel due to pressing events and priorities? 

Questions to ask if the customer is currently undergoing travel restrictions: 

– What message was sent to employees about travel restrictions?  

What is the current timeframe & definitions as understood by the employees?

How frequent is new information being shared within the organization around travel updates? 

What should our next steps be to ensure the businesses remain in contact and can work together when it’s timely and helpful?

Questions to ask prospective customers: 

– ALL the normal sales qualifying questions

– After all of the basic qualifying questions you’d typically ask, close every conversation with:  

– What might get in the way of moving forward with these plans?  

– What risks should I be aware of, and how can I help you to ensure that we stay in contact in the case that something does come up to prevent you from moving forward in the timeframe we’re discussing?

5. Beyond all the strategy, planning, and tactics… Don’t Forget!

Celebrate the small wins!  One thing we do at GitGo that feeds our spirit and culture is CELEBRATE when good things happen.  We have an entire platform and daily ritual for this to make it easy and a process. Sales is a Mindset Game.  Those who are wired for sales have a blueprint make-up where winning and achievement are necessary. It’s critical that we keep our energy UP regardless of noise circling about.  

You got this, and GitGo’s got you!  

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