Proactive New Business Development Campaign Delivers Significant ROI for Hotel Association

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Introduction: This case study focuses on a hotel association representing a region of hotels within a chain that hired GitGo, a specialized marketing agency, to conduct a proactive new business development campaign. The association aimed to drive incremental revenue, allocate funds effectively, and achieve measurable results for each participating hotel. GitGo was chosen as a partner based on their proven success, collaborative guidance, and ability to handle the program’s implementation and sustainable results.

Campaign Strategy: GitGo developed a comprehensive program within the designated scope and budget. Their strategy involved a combination of targeted customer design, velocity branching email marketing, direct sales outreach, and sales customer service to nurture and source business opportunities for the participating hotels.

Campaign Progress: The program has been running successfully for nine months, with more than 200 hotels actively participating. GitGo’s efforts have exposed the participating properties to over 23,000 unique organizations that had not previously engaged with the hotel chain. Through their research, qualification, and nurturing processes, GitGo has identified nearly 5,000 potential opportunities for the hotels.

Results: The most significant outcome of the campaign is the substantial return on investment (ROI) achieved. As of the ninth month, GitGo has delivered business to the participating hotels resulting in an impressive ROI of over 355%. Furthermore, there is an additional 17.5X ROI in the current sales pipeline, indicating a promising future for the hotels’ revenue growth.

Benefits and Key Takeaways: 

  1. Effective Allocation of Funds: The hotel association found GitGo to be a reliable steward of their allocated funds, as evidenced by the significant ROI achieved during the campaign.
  2. Measurable Results and End-to-End Solution: GitGo’s disciplined approach and comprehensive solution allowed for the tracking of results and the provision of measurable outcomes. The agency provided digital resources, tools, and personnel to handle ideation, implementation, execution, and reporting, ensuring a seamless end-to-end process.
  3. Collaboration and Expertise: GitGo’s collaborative guidance, driven by their experience and proven success, played a crucial role in designing and implementing a solution that met the desired end result for the hotel association.
  4. Sustainable Results and Growth: The program’s success in driving incremental revenue and identifying new business opportunities demonstrates GitGo’s ability to provide sustainable results and contribute to the long-term growth of the participating hotels.


Conclusion: Through GitGo’s proactive new business development campaign, the hotel association achieved exceptional ROI and significant growth in a relatively short period. The strategic approach combining targeted marketing techniques and sales outreach proved successful in generating new business opportunities and nurturing customer relationships. This case study highlights the importance of partnering with an experienced agency like GitGo to achieve measurable results and sustainable growth in the hospitality industry.

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