Two Reasons Why Hotel Lead Generation Programs Fail

Ever wonder why hotel lead generation programs don’t deliver the results you expect?

In the video below, our CEO, Amy Infante, describes the two BIG reasons why lead generation programs for hotels need to be looked at through a different lense. B2Bbuyingisdifferent ownthebuyingprocess

Can’t watch this video right now?  Here is a quick recap:

First: Unrealistic expectations for leads uncovered during the hotel lead generation program.

    • Often the leads uncovered during lead generation program are earlier in the buying process.
    • Sales professionals aren’t trained in nurturing process for these ‘new animal’ leads.
    • **Be on the lookout for our upcoming video on GitGo’s B2B Buyers Funnel Science to learn more!

Second: Only major brands and hotel companies have a specific B2B Marketing teams or programs.

    • Property level and most management companies don’t have specific B2B Marketing process.
    • This leaves the expectations on the sales professionals to be the expert and execute all.

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