Turn $2700 to $90K Using a Proactive Hotel Sales Method

Sustainable new business development strategy

At GitGo, we firmly believe that it is the fiduciary responsibility of every hotel sales team to ensure they have an effective and sustainable new business development strategy.  Our Mission is to illuminate opportunities & possibility for our industry partners and inspire action! 

There are 28.8 million small- to medium-sized businesses in the US alone. Capturing a part of this large number of mid-market and small accounts creates a smoother revenue stream.

In our hotel target market interviews from 2018, we found the average spend amount from scope-fit leads for our customers was $90,800 in guest room revenues.   In total, our business insights team uncovered over $255M+  in untapped potential revenue for our hotel partners.


The implications of this data: 

Put simply, if a hotel sales team only focused on those leads with immediate needs (0-3 months which is typically only 3% of the leads discovered proactively)…they would only capture $2,724.00. Leaving more than $88,000 to flounder, fall through the cracks of the sales pipeline, and eventually choose a competitor.

Imagine how different your property’s revenue would be if there was even a slight shift from reactive response of inbound leads to include a more robust proactive approach.

As you are coaching your sales teams on going beyond incoming sales leads, here are three tips with supporting stats on how to be a proactive seller that should inspire action:


1) Engage early!

90% of buyers are willing to engage salespeople earlier in the buying process.
2) Ask questions!
Asking between 11-14 discovery call questions during the course of the call correlates with the greatest success.
3) Be of service! 
79% of business buyers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson
who is a trusted advisor — not just a sales rep — who adds value to their business.


Your sales team cannot control the timing of when customers have a need, so use the energy to create a sustainable and proactive approach to be the first choice when they do!

GitGo offers our partners a transformational approach to new business development and customer management by using a proactive discovery process coupled with a system of follow-up and nurture that converted over $16M in 2018 alone.


Intrigued to learn more about our methodology?  Reach out to our Communications Manager, Julia Smith at julias@gitgogroup.com to scheduled a free consultation & discovery call!
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