Carve Your Success in Sales: Lessons from Ski Boot Trials


Hey there, thrill-seekers and snow-lovers! I’ve just come back from a fun-packed adventure in Steamboat, Colorado, where the slopes were as lively as the sales floor of a bustling hotel. But guess what? My ski escapade taught me a valuable lesson that rings true for every sales and marketing team out there!

Let me paint the picture for you: the crisp mountain air, the powdery snow, and the anticipation of hitting those slopes were all exhilarating. However, my excitement hit a snag when I realized my ski boots didn’t quite match my needs. Yep, three pairs in, and I finally found the perfect fit. But what does this have to do with sales and marketing in the hotel industry, you ask? Well, listen up!

Imagine your sales team as skiers gliding down the slopes, navigating twists and turns with finesse. Their boots? The tools they use daily to conquer challenges and win over clients. Similarly, your marketing team crafts the enticing allure, much like a ski boot provides support and control as you navigate the mountain terrain.

Now, let’s dive into why having the right tools for your sales and marketing teams is as crucial as finding the perfect ski boots for an epic ride down the mountain.


1. Comfort Equals Confidence

Just like ill-fitting ski boots can leave you wobbly and insecure on the slopes , outdated or insufficient sales and marketing tools can hinder your teams’ confidence. The right tools, tailored to their needs and the needs of the target audience, provide comfort and confidence, allowing them to shine in their roles.

It reminds me of the time I was working with a property in Arkansas, and they had ZERO photos, videos, presentations. There was no sales collateral to speak of, so once the sales manager had someone interested, they had no idea what to send them to keep them on the hook. Providing the sellers with some simple follow-up collateral, and email templates provided them the confidence to speak to quadruple the amount of sales prospects and close twice as much business as in prior years.


2. Precision and Performance

Ever tried to carve through fresh powder with boots that don’t fit? It’s a mess! Similarly, outdated or mismatched tools hinder your team’s ability to perform at their best. Equip them with precise analytics, cutting-edge software, and streamlined processes for top-notch performance.

We’re currently beta-testing a pretty amazing AI tool that will maximize seller time to do more of what they love, and lower the cost of lead generation exponentially. This is the kind of precision hotels need to adopt to stay relevant.  I know I’m “teasing” here, but stay tuned or reach out for a private conversation to learn more about our limited pilot program.


3. Adaptability is Key

Skiing isn’t just about the groomed trails; it’s about adapting to changing conditions. Your sales and marketing teams need tools that adapt to market shifts, evolving trends, and customer preferences.

In speaking with many hotel sales leaders and teams, I hear some concerns over AI eliminating sales jobs. When embraced and utilized appropriately, I can assure you that AI will not eliminate.  It will enhance your ability to perform, and those that adapt and start using this innovation will win their markets. Companies that use AI and automations responsibly to capture the hearts and minds of customers while eliminating mundane tasks from talented humans will be more profitable.


4. Embrace the Journey

Finally, just as skiing is a journey of learning and improvement, so is refining your sales and marketing strategies. Experiment, test different tools, and don’t be afraid to switch until you find the perfect fit for your team’s success.  Innovation is coming in fast and furious, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just as I did during my ski boot saga; ask a lot of questions, educate yourself, test various tools that seem to fit, and work with others who maybe more advanced than you. It will be worth it to have more confidence, precision, and performance.

Keep that energy high! Cheers to epic skiing and even more epic sales victories!

If you need some assistance uncovering the challenges, identifying the right tools and resources, or testing some new strategies…I’m always here to help!

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