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As 2024 planning season is upon it is critical to arm your hotel with the right tools, solutions, and guidance.

Every few months, we like to compile the best of what we’ve discovered and some of our own creations that have helped our partners navigate through the year.

We’ve compiled several helpful links, articles, and golden nuggets that we think you might appreciate as you pull out your crystal ball and get to work planning for a successful and lucrative 2024 and still remain fully “in the moment” this year.

Easier said than done…we know!  😀

Outsourcing isn’t for everybody. In fact, we get inquiries that we turn away quite often because it just doesn’t make financial or organizational sense for the company that reached out to us.

Here’s a quick list of when it does make sense to consider outsourcing and how so that you can get the most return on your investment.

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GitGo Case Study:  ROI Delivery For Hotel Owners’ Association

Over 200 member hotels have enjoyed increased exposure to potential new business and sourced opportunities due to their partnership with GitGo over the past year.

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Need a boost to generate revenue for your hotel or portfolio of properties? GitGo has a program that can help & we’ve designed them to fit whether you have a sales team or not. Reach out to schedule a brief chat to see how we can be of service!

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Striking the Balance:  Setting Boundaries in Hospitality

Let’s talk about boundary-setting in leadership, especially in hospitality. Setting boundaries can be challenging for those of us who thrive on service and leadership. It often means giving our energy, time, and knowledge without limits. For a long time, I struggled with unhealthy boundaries, saying yes to every request and neglecting my own needs. This led to burnout, resentment, and regret.

In hospitality, our nature is to be of service, to prioritize others’ comfort, thanks to our high empathy. However, we must also remember the importance of balance. To be our best selves for others, we must prioritize self-care and set boundaries on our energy.

Recently, someone in the industry requested my time, and while I usually go out of my way to connect, I had to politely decline and redirect them to a more suitable team member. This decision wasn’t well-received, but it was in everyone’s best interest.

In leadership, people may assume we owe them our time and energy due to our position. They may test our boundaries and make us question ourselves. In such cases, I check my initial intention and reflect on whether their point is valid. If it is, I adjust. If not, I maintain my healthy boundary.

Setting boundaries can be uncomfortable but also liberating. We can still be empathetic and caring, giving to others, but not at the expense of our own peace of mind, mental health, and energy. By taking care of ourselves, we ensure that those who truly benefit from our leadership receive our best selves.

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