Article 1: Diagnosing and Remedying Top-of-Funnel Sales Woes in the Hotel Industry

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Many hotel companies find themselves grappling with challenges at the top of the sales funnel, hindering the smooth progression of potential business clients through the conversion process. In this series, we’ll share 5 key areas to assess if you have a top-of-funnel sales problem with a prescription to unearth and address the real issues.

B2B Outreach Strategy:

One of the first areas to scrutinize is the effectiveness of your outreach strategy. Are you proactively engaging with businesses that may require accommodations for conferences, events, or business travel? Identify key decision-makers within these organizations and devise a targeted outreach plan. Strengthen your B2B connections through personalized communication that addresses their specific needs.

Step 1 = Know the audience:  In many cases, hotels may have a general understanding of their target audience based on history, but in recent years several markets have shifted.  Demand generators have changed.  This is exposing weaknesses in the top-of-funnel, as outreach attempts are falling flat.

GitGo is tackling this challenge by adopting AI tools to augment research and discover right fit potential customers in markets and feeder markets.  This is proving to deliver speed and quality to the top-of-funnel while also addressing the rising costs in this space.  Our team is more agile and able to tackle bigger challenges as the AI tools assist by cutting back time and energy on tasks that are helpful to the team, while mindfully ensuring customer engagement and human touch are embedded at critical points.

Step 2 = Map the flow of outreach:  Once you identify the target audience, it’s important to craft the right strategy to get in front of the audience, and that strategy can vary.  At GitGo, we believe in an omni-channel approach that includes digital outreach using email, social, and voice.  Our suite of services and team help hotels map the best outreach plan to optimize for their audience.

If you’re looking for a great workflow mapping software that’s easy to use and implement quickly, check out Miro as a potential solution.

Step 3 = Craft the messages: Personalize the outreach with scale.  Can you do both?  Absolutely, but it takes a well-thought plan that can be clearly articulated and followed by all.

We use a suite of digital tools to help create and run our partner’s email campaigns, which allows for scalability to reach thousands of contacts, track and monitor results and adjust quickly to optimize the outreach.

Here’s a link to a case study that had a clearly mapped plan for outreach incorporating email and voice outreach.  Case Study Article

Additional Tips For Success:

 Running a successful B2B outreach strategy requires consistency.  We witness far too many companies throw in the towel way too soon on the plan.  Create a base outreach strategy and build upon it rather than toss out the strategy and start new every 90 days.  Your outreach plan should not start and stop based on busy season, sales staffing levels or emotion.  Build the foundation, make slight adjustments, but never stop!

Don’t rely solely on your sales team to manually run your B2B outreach strategy.  Systematizing the strategy will ensure this plan stays consistent.  You may have absolute rock stars on the team that love to prospect, but they still need automation, standard processes, technology support, etc.

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