Article 2: Diagnosing & Remedying Top-of-Funnel Sales Woes in Hospitality

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Welcome back to our ongoing series dedicated to addressing top-of-funnel sales challenges within the hotel industry. In our previous installment, we discussed the foundational B2B Outreach Strategy and what to consider. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into some more advanced elements of B2B outreach. 

Harnessing Data Intelligence for Hyper-Personalization 

Data is king. Hotel companies typically possess a wealth of information about past groups and guests, including preferences, booking patterns, and feedback.  The trick is usually organizing that data and ensuring the sales and marketing teams know where to find it. Here’s an article on data management that might help in that area.   

Nonetheless, by leveraging advanced analytics tools and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, hotels can extract actionable insights to personalize outreach efforts.  

For instance, by analyzing demographics at the booking level for groups and spending behavior of group guests, hotels can tailor promotional offers and incentives that resonate with specific B2B clients, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Moreover, predictive analytics can anticipate future demand trends and help hotels proactively target businesses in industries experiencing growth or expansion.  GitGo uses these insights to help our customers build their target industry and market segment outreach programs. By staying ahead of the curve, hotels can position themselves as strategic partners, offering tailored solutions that align with clients’ evolving needs. 

Embracing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategies 

Many of our brand and chain customers have benefited from building personalized relationships with high-value accounts rather than casting a wide net.  This works well when strong data management and insights exist. For hotels seeking to attract corporate clients or event planners, ABM offers a targeted approach that fosters deeper engagement and cultivates long-term partnerships. 

Through ABM, hotels can identify key decision-makers within target accounts and craft bespoke marketing campaigns tailored to their unique pain points and objectives. From personalized email sequences to curated content experiences, ABM enables hospitality companies to demonstrate value propositions effectively and differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Additionally, ABM facilitates seamless collaboration among the commercial team , ensuring alignment on messaging and goals. By nurturing relationships with target accounts throughout their buyer journey, hotels can drive higher conversion rates and maximize the lifetime value of client partnerships. 

It’s important to evaluate where your hotel or portfolio is on the spectrum of B2B outreach.  Are you still trying to master the basics?  If so, you’re certainly not alone and it’s OK!  Or, are you ready to dive into more advanced level outreach? Understanding your baseline will help set a more targeted and intentional direction for the entire team when it comes to your B2B outreach strategy.   

Our additional tips for success remain steadfast and are worth repeating in this second article in the series:    

  1. Stay committed and disciplined to creating a sustainable system.  Don’t give up!
  2. A sustainable system includes some forms of digital automation and technology to support.  Don’t ignore this important key to success!    
  3. A strong B2B outreach program works best when it’s a collaboration amongst the entire commercial organization rather than relying solely on sales or marketing alone to create the strategy and execute.      

For more tips and guidance, reach out to schedule a free strategy session or keep following our content on LinkedIn and at gitgogroup.com 

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