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We he provide scalable reach with B2B demand generation solutions for hospitality commercial teams.

Whether you’re a hotel with an existing sales and marketing team or you’re responsible for driving demand across a group of hotels, we have a solution to help you.

GitGo Groundwork™

Data + Online APP
Custom Built for Hotels
  • GitGo Outreach Tool
  • Local Market Research
  • Curated, Action-Ready Contacts

GitGo Marketwork™

Sophisticated Email Marketing
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Strategy + Creative + Copywriting
  • Assigned Marketing Specialist

GitGo Masterwork™

sales + Marketing
Full-Service Hotel Business Development
  • Outbound Sales Outreach
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Outreach Team

GitGo Groundwork™

We do the work to enable your success.

Groundwork provides your sales team with a curated contact list targeting organizations most likely to be traveling today and in the future. Groundwork also includes our proprietary hotel sales software – the all-new GitGo Outreach Online App, which provides tools that enable hotel sellers to successfully navigate the proactive sales outreach process themselves.

Your Challenge

We hear it all the time: when it comes to prospecting, hotel sellers aren’t sure where to start. 

It’s a challenge to discern which companies and organizations actually travel — and sellers frequently don’t have accurate contact information. Even when useful data is readily available, sellers don’t always apply it successfully.

Inefficient, unproductive prospecting is a waste of time and money.

GitGo Groundwork is the solution.

How Groundwork Solves It

GitGo Marketwork™

It takes 7 or more touch points to convert a business lead into won revenue for a hotel.

That’s why email marketing is critical, because it scales impact without scaling up staffing. Strategic, targeted, personalized, automated email marketing helps your existing sales team win more revenue faster.

Your Challenge

You know that you should be using email to generate more leads for your hotel.

But who’s supposed to write the email? 

When should you send it?

And who would we send it to, anyway?

Fear not, because GitGo Marketwork is the email marketing solution for hotel sales teams.

How Marketwork Solves It

GitGo Masterwork™

Welcome to our most customized solution for individual hotel properties with or without a sales & marketing team in place. Often, hotel sales gaps need more than a cookie cutter solution. That’s why GitGo Masterwork™ is designed to meet you where you are, build solutions for unique challenges and cultivate long-term success. We have generated millions of dollars in revenue using our proven methodologies and processes:

Your Challenge

We’ll let you in on a secret: Often, our hotel partners come to us because they do not know exactly what they need. Sound familiar?

Perhaps you need staff augmentation — but also a partner who can provide guidance and expertise in building and sustaining new business.

Maybe you’ve been testing a wide variety of tactics and none of them are yielding optimal results. Maybe you haven’t been taking any action at all because your list of priorities is too long to tackle this pesky problem.

You need a team who will dive in and finish the work for you — simultaneously providing guidance to ensure solutions stick in the long-term.

Our Solution


Our partners are never left guessing. We are metrics-driven — and we employ proven methodologies to drive results to your topline revenue.  Our partners appreciate our adaptability, flexibility and desire to roll up our sleeves and jump in the trenches.  

Sound like the program of your dreams?

Our Record Speaks for Itself

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Hotel-to-Business Outreach

We help hotels grow revenue with our cutting-edge business outreach team.

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