Hitting the Target Beyond a Prospecting Campaign

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“We need lead generation to fill our sales gaps in the next two to three months!!”  Getting into conversations beginning like this can be tough because it’s NOT just about the next two to three months… If you google GitGo, visit our website or ask around, we can be classified as a lead generation company.  

We DO execute lead generation campaigns, and deliver lasting results to hotel sales pipelines through research, and actionable business data.  The branches of our business impact and solve many different challenges and obstacles hospitality sales teams are facing.  Yet, one of the main things we hear through these conversations is, “We are looking into a lead generation (aka prospecting) campaign, but we need the business booked now.  When we’ve tried doing this in the past the leads just weren’t concrete enough for us, and nothing ever came of the opportunities we were sent.”

Expectations are not being set by other lead generation companies, or the sales teams feel burned because of the lack of quality leads handed over.  GitGo is leading the charge to fill the top of the sales funnel with qualified leads and approaching partnership holistically.

Quality > Quantity 

The real hurdle is changing the expectation of finding business that will close in the next 30, 60, or even 90 days by using lead generationThere is a problem with the phrase ‘quick fix’ and temporary solution. Most fixes aren’t quick and solutions inherently can’t be temporary. Finding those ‘diamonds in the rough’ ready to book ASAP does happen. In fact, we’ve done it.  

Realistically, what is likely happening, is great future business opportunities are being uncovered.  Yet since their needs are outside of the immediate hotel needs, these businesses get overlooked. The sales team has to be hyper focused on fixing the problem in front of them, so the follow-up and nurture, to avoid that problem, yet again falls through the cracks.  

GitGo is equipped to partner with hotels in two-fold!

  1. Assist and help hotels having the immediate challenge of filling short-term gaps
  2. But ALSO, ensure you do not have to face this same problem again in the future.  

The key is to find balance in both addressing your immediate cash flow needs, while continually building a better future.

We do this by entering into a collaborative partnership with teams.  We not only train and coach on the proper lead nurturing and follow-up tactics, but also uncover the information hotels need most, which is directly from their prospects!  (AKA: The voice of the customer)
In previous posts, we have highlighted the importance of proactive efforts, but we often see teams who have only been able to execute the reaction-based sales.  If you or your team consistently revisit how clients are not responding, warm leads going cold, etc. perhaps coaching and resources to alleviate this challenge is needed.

It is GitGo’s mission to transform hotel sales.  Interested in our mission and want to learn more?
Contact Julia Smith: julias@gitgogroup.com 

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