June 2019 GitGo Joined a Powerful Group of Individuals!

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We are bursting with excitement to announce:
GitGo is officially certified as a
National Women’s Business Enterprise!

This might not come as news to those who have been working with us for the past 14 years, as you know Amy Infante has been the mastermind who started it all. Yet, now we are recognized by WBE National Council… With certificate in hand!

It only makes sense to hear from the woman who imagined, built and continues to grow GitGo. She fashioned this business to be a place of service to truly impact the hotel industry. After spending years in the industry, we recognize the space she fills with her brilliance and light.

A round of applause for our Founder, Visionary and CEO, Amy Infante!


Q: What does this certificate mean to you?

A:  For years it never even crossed my mind to become WBENC certified as a business.  I thought it was for government contractors and didn’t apply to our business. My business mentor suggested it and was quite shocked when I shared that I hadn’t applied.  The application process is very detailed to prove we are a legitimately woman owned and run business. I appreciate their level of rigor to uphold the standards of the certification.  I’m honored to be among companies of other women who have a vision, create and execute their business and continue to contribute to society. For me it’s important to make an impact as a business leader and visionary.  This is a responsibility that I take very seriously as a woman, and as a human being.    

Q: What inspired you to create GitGo? 

A:  Initially, when I was in my mid-20’s, I wanted to contribute and serve my industry. Something sparked within me when I was asked to help out on a task force project, where I saw a lot of opportunity.  I was young and relatively inexperienced compared to others I was working with at the time, but I had incredible mentors and coaches in the industry. I picked up quickly and have always been someone with big vision and love to impact change where I see opportunity. 

In those very early days, I actually hid the fact that I was incorporating & starting a business with my past colleagues and people in my industry for fear of judgement and criticism. I definitely had the “who am I to be doing this” syndrome that I’ve come to find out so many entrepreneurs have.  But my passion to serve & help shape and change some of the frustrations I saw sales leaders and property owners have over-rode that fear. It still drives me today. I get fired up and passionate about the areas of the industry I see great opportunity. I believe it is our duty to shape the way sales and marketing is done, for the betterment of our businesses & professionals.  Creating a team that is as inspired by this as I am, has been incredibly exciting and challenging… And I’m always up for a challenge!    

Q: What are the keys to developing the next generation of leaders in the industry?

A: We are in an age of awakening.  We’ve gone through so much turmoil in our political environment, so much distrust across the board with large corporations, the government, the media.  People are craving authentic leadership. They are seeking truth and honest, open and vulnerable relationships. One thing we focus on at GitGo, is being an organization who encourages and really requires open/honest discussion and vulnerability.  Healthy conflict is necessary.  Debate and discussion are critical for our business and our clients. My style is that if there is an elephant in the room…  I’m going to point it out, and we’re going to have a healthy debate and get to the root cause.  I’ve grown in this way as a leader.  I’ve seen the negative ramifications of organizations that don’t have this. So I am committed to lead by example so all our team members, future leaders of our organization and our corporate partners see this in real life, working and thriving!

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