[IT’S HAPPENING] We’re changing our name.



Have you ever felt like there was so much more inside you to give the world?

Like the real you just wasn’t coming through?  You were hiding just a little…holding back, maybe?  We know this feeling deeply & have been working on ways to share with the world who WE really are as a business, a solution provider, a partner, a philanthropist, a collaborator, and a leader.

Those of you reading this, who have been partners for any time over the past 12 years, have witnessed the evolution of our services and business model.  We are so incredibly grateful for your advocacy and support as we’ve grown to higher levels than we could’ve ever imagined.

It’s because of you that we’ve pushed ourselves to raise our standards, step UP to challenges, and serve in greater capacities.

You know this company was formed through the true passion and grit of our CEO & leader, Amy Infante, and the outstanding team she has formed over the years.

Well, behind the scenes, this passionate team you’ve been calling Plan B Consultants & Sales4Hire, has been working on ways to truly show this evolution through our branding.

We are incredibly EXCITED today to be sharing our new name!

Over the next few months we will be shedding the names Plan B Consultants and Sales4Hire!

You will witness our social media evolving, our website coming to life, and some really exciting business solutions launched that we know will serve our industry at an even more impactful level.

We are PUMPED & ready to be and show our truest, most authentic self under our NEW name.

Plan B Consultants & Sales4Hire has served us well, as we have worked with 1,000’s of hospitality partners including property owners, corporate entities, management companies, etc. in all 50 states and 8 countries.

It’s time that our name and branding matches who we really are!  We hope you will embrace our new “identity” in the market place and continue to advocate our services.

We promise we will not let you down!

To hear a little bit more about why we chose GitGo from Amy, click this VIDEO LINK below!

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