National Small Business Owner’s Day!

congrats to all small business owners


Did you know that TODAY, Thursday, March 29th, is National Small Business Owner’s Day?  I sure didn’t until a few days ago!  But you better believe I’m going to take this as an opportunity to reach out to other small business owners and say THANK YOU!  I don’t even know what constitutes a “small business” these days, but in my mind…if you lead a company.  If the buck stops with you.  If you take on responsibilities that if you stop to think about is even a bit overwhelming or quite frankly scares the crap out of you…then this post is for you!

As of 2016 there were 28.8 Million Small Businesses in the US, and they represented 99.7% of business.  Small businesses provide 55% of jobs and 66% of new jobs in the US according the SBA in 2017.  Although we represent a huge impact to the US economy, the failure rate of small businesses is staggering.  According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics the survival rate for small businesses is

  • 50% = 5 years or more
  • only 1/3 of small businesses last beyond 10 years.

This is why I say entrepreneurship is a full contact sport. It takes guts, grit…stamina.  I would venture to guess that most small business owners don’t receive a thank you as much as they give a thank you.  So…I’m here to GIVE a thank you.  Because…I get you.  I’m so proud to be in your company, and I’m so passionate about serving you.  I KNOW the impact you make on the world, the economy and those you lead every day.


*Cheers!* To the leaders, creators, and visionaries.

*Cheers!* To those putting up financial risk to build a better system or product.

*Cheers!* To you who are called to serve people and do so selflessly.

And especially to those Small Business Owners in the Hotel Industry.  I salute you!  I have the pleasure of working with the best of the best.  Property Owners, Management Company Owners, and even Brand visionaries and creators whose mission is to ensure their property & staff first and foremost serve others in the most positive light.  You take on risks unimaginable to your staff and your customers.  You create respectable jobs.  You are some of the most generous philanthropists I know.  You are problem-solver extraordinaires.  And you foster growth and contribution through leading by example.  You have an often-times thankless position, but you’re not in this for the recognition.  You lead change.  You’re a bad ass.  I’m honored to be challenged by you, learn from you, grow with you and serve you from my highest good.

Let’s keep it rolling in 2018!

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