Case Study: Our Journey in Digitizing a Hotel Partner’s Inbound Lead Process


In our quest for efficiency and scalability, we embarked on a transformative journey with a major chain partner looking to streamline its organic inbound lead process. Their vision aligned seamlessly with ours – a future where technology could drive automation and optimization. This marked the beginning of a crucial partnership. 

GitGo’s Approach: 

We applied our extensive expertise in customer service and sales coupled with the client’s ambition for innovation. Together, the teams meticulously crafted scripts, prompts and workflows for a chatbot, collaborating not only within our two teams but also with the chatbot vendor, ensuring a tailored and effective solution. 

Live-testing emerged as a pivotal phase, providing us with real-time insights and opportunities for refinement. Our team ran scenarios, fine-tuning the tool to prioritize scale and user functionality. We didn’t just implement a tool; we orchestrated efficiency. 

And holding true to our company values, we didn’t stop at technology implementation. Recognizing and promoting the importance of human touch, we executed an escalation process, deploying our team members trained in customer service and top-of-funnel sales to handle escalated conversations seamlessly. 

Implementation and Results: 

The client’s urgency for a swift launch minimizing internal disruptions was a challenge we embraced, as that is a very typical request for GitGo. Within 30 days, the technology was live-tested, and optimized making improvements weekly driven by the opportunities our team recognized and then drove to completion. We seamlessly integrated our GitGo-ers to not only manage escalated conversations but also convert new business leads into meaningful small business or global sales accounts. 


A consistent 25%+ conversion from lead to account was realized, as well as the ability to gain stronger insights on ideal target customers, activation statistics, trends on customer service issues, increased customer satisfaction and increased contribution of global sales to franchise properties.  The integration streamlined lead management and significantly contributed to the client’s top-line revenue goals specifically from the targeted small business segment.   

GitGo’s expertise, meticulous planning, and agile implementation have positioned us as catalysts for change in the hospitality industry. If you’re contemplating a sales program focused on revenue growth and efficiency, reach out early. Let’s collaborate to ensure a smooth, impactful, and transformative journey that exceeds expectations.

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