Boost B2B Sales by Tapping into This Customer Segment [and its $255M Buying Power]

Small- and medium-sized businesses can add new life to your B2B sales performance.

GitGo has done just a little research into hotel B2B sales and uncovered a big opportunity waiting to be seized. 

Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) are ripe for relationship-building. 

After making thousands of calls for our clients in 2018, we found nearly 6,000 SMB leads. Of those, GitGo qualified almost half as matches for our hotel partners. Those businesses’ average hotel spend was more than $90,000. 

Put that all together, and we’re talking about $255 million in buying power (and that’s just from businesses we’ve engaged). 

Why SMBs matter for B2B sales

More than 30 million organizations fall into the SMB category.

Our industry often overlooks SMBs’ buying power because global hotel brands and even national sales teams focus on conducting business on a peer-to-peer level. (Makes sense, right?)

But after a half-million conversations with SMB decision-makers and spending 23,000 hours per year speaking directly with them, we know what can trigger their purchases. 

How we help you reach SMBs

It starts with a process to gather and score B2B leads.

A lot of lead-generation companies can give you a long list of tails to chase, but they stop there. That’s when your sales teams get stuck wasting time on unqualified leads and close rates—unsurprisingly—suffer.

That’s why GitGo goes further. We can reposition you ahead of your prospects—with the help of our proprietary lead-scoring system and smart marketing tactics—so you can lead them through their buyer’s journey. (SMBs, like businesses of all shapes and sizes, respond to empathy-driven messaging.)

We will qualify your leads so you can zero in on the SMBs truly matching your properties’ offerings. We call it “scope fit.” 

Where we can optimize your B2B sales

Behind the scenes, on the phones or in shared strategy sessions, we’re masters of team integration. 

We design our Enterprise Engagements, brand-specific processes and partnerships for our hotel brand partners, to reach SMBs where their teams or processes have fallen short. We can plug in to bridge pain-point gaps or function as a dedicated sales team on your behalf. These aren’t a la carte options either—they’re built from scratch, made with love and proven to work. 

Just take our partnership with one of the largest travel management groups with more than 50 offices around the world.  

We’re cleaning up their list of leads spanning the globe. By redefining what qualifies their best prospects, we have; 

  1. Cleaned up their CRM.
  2. Created a targeted marketing campaign for SMB prospects and empowered their sales teams to execute.
  3. Rekindled and reconnected them with leads before up-leveling leads through our Follow-up and Nurture messaging strategy.

Another proven-to-work strategy we implemented with a multinational hotel giant was helping to launch and build a new SMB program. After working through process obstacles and correcting unforeseen program gaps, we optimized their plan to reach bypassed customer segments. 

How our process works

When we align with a partner interested in pursuing an Enterprise Engagement, we dig in: We’ll talk through our capabilities, company and results. We’ll travel to your HQ and meet with you and your critical stakeholders. We facilitate a discussion to identify stuck points, root causes and opportunities. Together, we couple our experience and insights with your reality, and we co-create a sales strategy delivering zen to your SMB business development plan.  

An Enterprise Engagement partnership isn’t a one-off, one-time patch. It provides long-term impact on all sales levels of your brand and steadies your B2B business development.

Making inroads in new customer segments takes a fresh perspective, and we bring a fresh set of eyes to every program and campaign.

We need to pay attention to SMBs—they have money to spend and want to do business with your properties. 

Let us help get your sales team on the right track. Check out more Enterprise Engagement success stories and get in touch with us.

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