Make Hotel Sales Prospecting a First Class Experience


Alright, let’s be honest…you put off prospecting and finding new business because you hate it, don’t you?  Maybe you feel that prospecting is beneath you, and just another form of begging?  It’s right in line with door-to-door Encyclopedia sales, right?  I understand.  The act of prospecting over the phone has a terrible reputation.  There are so many articles putting down this form of new business development.

But what if we were to put a different spin on the act itself?  What if we changed the story you’ve been playing over and over about how unattractive and painful it is for you to make prospecting calls. AND in effect we shift your energy to a more positive frame of reference so that you can actually WIN and be the strongest new business development specialist in your hotel…or within your entire hotel chain for that matter!

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In the meantime, here are just a couple of things that can help you start to make this shift on your own:

  1. Make Prospecting A FirstClass Experience for yourself.  Stop forcing it the way everyone else tells you to do it.  Find an inspiring location.  Do you love the outdoors?  How about your favorite coffee shop?  Maybe you can find a conference space that has a window with a view.   Find your quiet zen  Emotion creates motion.  You must first be in a good feeling place.
  2. Stop making your measured outcome closed sales. I know this sounds insane.  You’re a sales professional after-all.  It’s your responsibility to close business and generate revenue.  But trust me on this one.  When you’re prospecting, you must NOT focus on closed business as the outcome.  This will hold you back.  It creates a chaotic energy vibration (we talk about this more in our coaching) that distracts and actually detracts success from this tactic.  Instead, be curious, be open and make your measurement to gather as much information and knowledge as possible while you SERVE the prospects you speak with by determining first if they are even a fit before you even go there to discuss a potential partnership.  We discuss more specifics in this area that will help you overcome the mental blocks we have as “achievers”, but this is a good place to start.  RELAX and be curious.
  3. Commit. Nothing happens without action, and the way you get good at something is through repetition.  No excuses.  Set your alarm each day for a block of time and don’t let anything stand in your way…especially The Brain!  You are all that is standing between good and outstanding!

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