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 Welcome to the new us! 

This is our new normal, and we are so incredibly proud and excited for the future as GitGo!  It’s difficult as the founder to put words to how much this means to me personally to be a part of the evolution of our business.  Although I had no idea what the outcome of the new brand would be in name or design, I can say without a doubt that the energy it exudes is exactly what I envisioned.  Although getting here took just a tad bit longer than my estimated timeline, I wouldn’t have wanted to rush through the process or have it play out any other way.  This entire process has been an act of faith for me and an opportunity to truly lean in to what I know to be true. When we align our beliefs and our actions, the perfect outcome manifests. You might be thinking “Sheesh, Amy…it’s just a brand change and a website! Why all the dramatics?”  To put it simply I grew up alongside this business, and to look at the evolution of the business is to see a reflection of my own growth, as well.  The old brand never felt truly comfortable in its own skin.

  • We were in our mid 20’s still finding ourselves – the business and I together.
  • In our 30’s we were bogged down with testing services, creating programs, delivering results, plane hopping, mom guilting and raising small humans.

The brand name, look, and feel didn’t matter in those moments.  We were busy surviving!  As we grew out of our comfort zone to make bigger, more strategic changes, the more uncomfortable, tight, and constricted the old brand felt to me and to our team. In 2017, we decided it was time to once and for all, shed the old and become the brand we had truly and authentically evolved into.  Looking back on these past 13 years and how we got here is certainly nostalgic.  I can literally share every major life or family milestones and tell you exactly what was also going on with the business at the same time. We’ve come a long way, and as GitGo we’re only just getting started!  I am so incredibly proud of GitGo, and it sure has been fun noticing over the past 5 months how people use the phrase “let’s get going” or “from the git go” when we discuss business.  We are having a ton of fun with it!  There is so much we have in store over the next year to impact our partners, so I hope you will keep watch as we carry out GitGo’s mission:

To up-level the way sales is done in the hospitality industry, especially in the area of business development.  Giving our hotel partners peace-of-mind so they can lead happier, healthier sales cultures that thrive for all stakeholders.

I want to thank my #GitGoLeague for their focus, support and positive energy throughout this long process.  This team truly is in a league of its own, and I am so incredibly proud to get to learn from them and be part of this family with them.  I am so grateful for Dana Wockenfuss, GitGo’s extraordinary Director of Marketing, who has led the charge to bring all of this to life brilliantly and with such class.  Our team imagery photographer  – Timothy Metcalf, for capturing our team’s spirit perfectly.   Also, our partners at redthread for their creative energy and perseverance to help us get everything just right. Looking forward to the future, – Amy Infante

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