Sales Blitz Basics: Making the Most of Your Sales Team’s Contacts

A key ingredient to any successful sales blitz are in-person meetings.

A key ingredient to any successful sales blitz is in-person meetings.

A sales blitz is a surefire way to make an impression. 

Get your sales team out from behind their keyboards for this dedicated push, and make sure their contacts put a face with the name.

An in-person meeting stands a much better chance of leaving an impact than an email—if you don’t believe it, take it from the Ivy League

Suddenly, your leads aren’t just seeing your sales team’s name from an inbox notification or a cold call (which can be avoided or ignored altogether). They know who they’re working with. The B2B sales world may be increasingly digital, but it doesn’t have to be—and it doesn’t devalue the power of in-person meetings. In fact, getting your teams to make a face-to-face interaction instantly puts them in contention of making a sale.

Sales Blitzes Are About Contact First, Not Clout

We’d tell you which key decision-makers or stakeholders you need to target, but frankly, it’s a bit of a fool’s errand. Titles and the duties assigned vary so much from business to business that we don’t get hung up on who’s who. Instead, your sales team needs to make intentional, well-planned interactions with whomever they meet.

If your team gets caught making their pitches to gatekeepers instead of stakeholders higher up the ladder, don’t sweat it. Make those moments count and they’ll have a greater chance of getting in front of the folks signing the checks. 

Your sales blitzes shouldn’t be predicated on who’s high on the totem pole. Your team’s mission, should they choose to accept it, is to build the top of the sales funnel.

Time to Huddle Up

Start your sales blitz with a meeting of your sales minds. 

For this short burst to uncover new business, you’ll be gunning for leads and establishing some ambitious goals for your team. So be sure to set some expectations—including approach, goals and key targets. 

Now roll your sleeves up for the strategy. Your team needs to answer the following:

  • What’s the target market? Make a detailed list of who’s calling who so you don’t overlap territories.
  • What’s the call to action? The most important leave-behind for your customer should be knowledge of what to do with the insights you’ve given them.
  • What’s our message? Clear, consistent, concise. Your sales team can’t leave any room for doubt or dissonance—have a checklist for what you’re communicating.
  • What are we walking away with? We’re talking quantitative and qualitative goals—set some metrics to live or die by and a sentiment that means success.
  • What are we doing next? Your follow-up plan better be good—finding a lead and then failing to further the opportunity would be a colossal failure. 
  • What’s the game plan? We’re talking actual Xs and Os—chart your territories, map out your assignments and do not double up. Your team’s sales blitz requires energy and drive—don’t kill the mood with inefficiencies or wasted energy.

(If you’re not furiously taking notes, you can always come back for our secret ingredients to a successful sales blitz right here.)

Why a GitGo Sales Blitz Mission Sets Your Team Apart

We’ll handle everything from A to Z except making a sale. That’s where your team thrives, so we’ll work together to put them in the position to do what they do best: sell. 

A GitGo Sales Blitz splits the accountability 50-50: We’re accountable to generate insights and lead possibilities. Your sales team has to close.

Our systems ensure the top of your funnel grows with realistic, qualified opportunities. Our B2B sales experts handle the intimate details, like the appointment plan and target market maps for the areas or cities you’ve got your eye on.

With GitGo as the sales blitz mission HQ, your team takes the opportunities we find and turns them into leads that can be nurtured into a sale. 

If your team needs leads but doesn’t know where to start, give us a call. Sales Blitz Missions coach up your team, generate unforeseen revenue and pack your CRM with new information, paying future dividends.

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