5 Tips to Build Mental Stamina

Building Mental Stamina

STAMINA is a topic we’ve been discussing a lot internally within our team at GitGo, and with our hotel partners.  In today’s environment it is critical to nurture this skill and frame of mind.  More specifically, how we as individuals can build mental stamina within ourselves. 

As we continue to navigate the day-to-day, we encourage you to check in with your team/teammates.  Check in with your friends and family.    They might not be aware of why they are feeling low energy, or why they aren’t as productive right now.  Armed with the right tools, you can help them turn their ‘light’ back on.


Here are some of the ways to build mental stamina through the current crisis: 

1. Physical Health 101 – 

You don’t have to train for a marathon… Stick with the basics: exercise, eat clean, and get enough sleep. Our mental state starts with our physical state. So when our team members start feeling uneasy, anxious, or overwhelmed…we encourage taking a physical break, getting up from their desk & MOVING their body. 

2. Celebrate wins, even the small ones

This is a huge part of our culture at GitGo.  Our internal communication system triggers every team member at 4:30 pm each day to share something they are celebrating that day.  We’ve seen the benefits of this throughout our team as the celebrations spur more to celebrate, team members show support of one another and it lifts the energy of the team.

3. Open & honest sharing

Long before we ever heard of COVID-19, we found that nurturing an environment where team members feel safe to be open and honest is critical and in the best interest of the business.  Today, we are seeing this become more prominent inside of many corporate cultures as businesses pay more attention to the human side.  

However, if your company/hotel was not nurturing this pre-COVID, it will likely be more challenging for people to feel comfortable being vulnerable with each other and admitting when they are concerned or overwhelmed.  It has to start with leadership being willing to be vulnerable with their team.  

4. Give yourself grace

I don’t know how many times I’ve personally said this to a team member recently, but this is really important.  As kids start going back to school, we have uncertainty around the future and how our daily lives will look.  It will be even more important to be kind to ourselves, and in turn, be kind to others.  

I’ve found when people lash out at others, it’s often because they’ve been angry at themselves and judging themselves first.  So, first just give yourself some love and compassion.  This is a very uncertain time and it’s impossible to get away from the effects of this in all parts of life.

5. Create a daily mindset routine

At GitGo our team members all have different preferences of getting into and sustaining a positive mindset;  mantras, meditation practices, exercise habits, journaling are a few.  We encourage a morning ritual to start the day, and an evening routine to end the day strong.  We’ve experienced the difference those habits have on sustaining a strong, positive mindset throughout the day.  


There are so many more tricks we didn’t cover…  What do you weave in to your daily schedule to cultivate mental stamina? Here is another great resource video we found on building mental stamina.


Amy Infante is GitGo’s CEO & Visionary. GitGo is a hotel sales & marketing agency focused on new business development. Designing customized sales solutions for hotel chains, brands, management companies and independent operators.  Recently, GitGo Spark Coaching program was developed to serve the industry’s sales professionals be their best, and ensure top talent will be ready to help the industry recover and grow.  

Check out more information on our brand new GitGo Coaching Programs HERE or any of GitGo’s core services can help your organization succeed through uncertain times, visit www.gitgogroup.com 

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