How Our Hotel Sales Solutions Turned Around an Underperformer

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Hotel sales solutions like GitGo Elite aren’t for everyone—but they should be.

Our full-service partnership is our signature product. Not only does it solve hotels’ sales riddles, it goes 10 steps further. 

You’ll experience the difference of a hotel-strategic partner alliance in harmony.  GitGo Elite partnerships put your properties and GitGo in complete lockstep: Aligned sales teams. Process deployments. Tailored proactive sales strategies and next steps and next steps after that. Inbound lead management. Targeted efforts for key accounts. Meetings with real measurables and honest conversations. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out how we took a hotel partner’s extended-stay property in a Tier 3 market, to new levels in a matter of months.

Setting the Hotel Sales Solutions Stage

When this particular property reached out, their situation was a multifaceted challenge —but not an entirely uncommon one. 

The hotel faced the ever-common Tier 3 challenge of finding and retaining top sales talent. Due to this, occupancy numbers were discouraging with no active sales efforts in place. 

Making Things Happen in a Tier 3 Market

When the hotel group reached out for help, we brought a new voice and a fresh set of eyes to the table. Once we started our partnership, we focused on four different fronts: 

1. Lead Generation

First came proactive backyard conversations aka prospecting. We built the hotel a proper list full of previously unknown, untapped local businesses. Then we dug further into their market to see what we could find. 


2. Nurturing New Leads 

We built a system to stay top of mind with our newly found prospects as well as some aspirant ones. A cadence of communication kept the extended stay front and center for potential buyers.


3. Responding to Inbound Leads

We turned our attention to RFPs too. We worked with inbound inquiries as rate requests were sent to us. After building contracts and getting them signed, our crew got the appropriate room rates loaded and made sure a first-time customer could become a repeat.


4. Maximizing Existing Partnerships

The hotel wasn’t doing enough to mine value from its existing book of business. To better qualify the property with future leads, we gathered information from buyers to understand their future growth potential, pain points and desires for the partnership.

The Results

After plugging sales gaps to address its weakest points, results followed: We won a pair of RFPs. A simple rate renegotiation for corporate lodging blossomed into the property’s new highest-producing account.

Best of all, the extended stay was in the top five among the hotel group’s properties in the region to show Revenue Generation Index (RGI) growth over the last 90 days.

So how did we do it?

The same way we always do: By investing totally in our client’s success, showing their customers impeccable service, completely implementing our best practices in sales operations process and delivering voice of the customer feedback and insights.  

Integrating with Integrity

Our unique ability to plug-in to any sales situation and add behind-the-scenes muscle was a key factor for this property. Working like a member of the sales team, we made more than 3,000 calls for lead generation and hundreds more nurturing new leads and maximizing those the hotel already had. 

We integrated into the day-to-day operations of our client’s sales teams, joining monthly revenue meetings to show progress and the money we generated. With a custom-built dashboard specific to this partnership, our team and the client’s internal team could see progress across customer segments and track the efforts poured into each. 

Our reports also include candid feedback straight from the source that matters the most: the B2B customers. Relaying verbatim comments from customers gives an actual pulse of their feelings toward the hotel. 

To us, it’s a pattern that reveals itself as we talk to more and more B2B customers. In this case, it helped us talk to the property about why its competitors were winning more business. It’s an important piece of the puzzle we address with every partner, especially those using hotel sales solutions like GitGo Elite.

Our Hotel Sales Solutions: How GitGo Elite can Help Your Property

Put us in a position to help you from every angle, and we can guide your buyers through the entire path to purchase.

Find the answers to your sales conundrums, no matter where they’re affecting your organization. Reach out and we can start building a GitGo Elite plan customized to correct sales gaps and losses. 


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