Sales Blitz

Elevate your sales team with a revenue-generating event.

Break through the noise and connect your hotel sales teams with B2B decision makers. Our rigorous process developed through comprehensive research and leading-edge sales tactics.

Hotel Sales Blitz strategies to increase connections.

Our Hotel Sales Blitz missions facilitate sales teams with face-to-face meetings, while we handle everything else.

We tee up the research to help drive qualified appointments with your target audience.

Our rigorous process uncovers potential clients right in your backyard, producing 20–80x more ROI historically. During the event, we act as command central, assisting your boots-on-the-ground sales team by offering advice, encouragement and logistical navigation to help them make the most of the Sales Blitz.

Did you know?

Face-to-face interactions are 34x more likely to garner a positive response than email.

However, 92% of interactions sales teams are making with prospective clients take place on a digital medium.

Our Sales Blitz missions have helped teams across the country better understand the needs of potential partners in this sector and learn tactics to close deals faster and more effectively.

GitGo’s got the research to help you win business.

The hardest part of the sales process is getting the information necessary to present the best options to prospects. We’ve spent hundreds of hours on the phone speaking with buyers in every segment. We know their needs—and what will make them choose you over the competition.

Armed with the resources to increase sales.

Sales teams have a helluva lot to do. We alleviate the daunting task of diving into the research necessary to understand the needs B2B prospects.


Top 3 game-changing takeaways from Sales Blitz missions:


Learn the latest B2B strategies

Pre-, during and post-project


Create cash with conversations

Utilize selling time for maximum ROI

Lead Sharing

Hotel customer information is INVALUABLE

Foster team comradery and future collaboration by sharing info with other properties that fit the scope of work

We are the conductor to the blitz orchestra.  With GitGo digging into the nitty-gritty of prospecting potential business partnerships, your hotels sales teams will be free to do what they do best… SELL! 

Testaments from our previous hotel partners:

It was a great help to have calls and scheduled appointments for the blitz. An organized, professional staff with a sleek game plan for our blitz!

“We planned a pre-opening sales blitz for a new hotel property to help us ramp up our sales pipeline. GitGo worked hand-in-hand with our sales teams, facilitating the planning, local outreach, and appointment setting. They even uncovered some solid sales leads with future needs while scouting for appointments. With the appointments, our team was given clear direction with the Blitz Workbook GitGo provided. With the help of GitGo, our hotel property is on the right track before we even opened our doors.”

“Your help was instrumental in the success of the blitz. I shudder to think what this would’ve looked like without your involvement. Thank you!”

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