The Difference Between Activation and Nurture and Simple Things to Activate




Activation of accounts and nurturing accounts require two different approaches with separate audiences.

Activation is working with clients that already have some type of relationship a discount code, a assigned agreement. They’re actually in the system as an account. The reason we need to activate them is because they haven’t yet booked the amount of revenue that either has been promised, or maybe they haven’t consumed any revenue year to date.

Nurture is what we do with accounts that are not actually existing accounts. They’re in the sales pipeline as opportunities and potential business, and they need a lot more impressions and to build more of a relationship and really get comfortable with the hotel or the brand. They’re showing interest. They may be engaging, but they’re not yet an account that’s booked.

Things you can do as you’re doing outreach to these accounts to activate them:

  1. Share some education about the brand, about the property, about how to book the hotel, utilizing their code?
  2. Perhaps, there’s some reporting either monthly or quarterly that would assist them better in doing their job. What are some common things that they would all appreciate and put that, build that into email marketing, but then also touchpoints from your sales team so that they can get those things moving and rolling ahead.
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