What is GitGo Masterwork™?


At any given time, you probably have top performing hotels and under-achieving properties.  GitGo can help a wide variety of properties tackling their unique challenges.

We created GitGo Masterworks ™ with three levels of service designed to meet a hotel where they are today, and help achieve the outcomes you’re hoping to gain from investing in a revenue generation and support program.

Here’s a cheat-sheet of which program might be the best fit in most situations:

  1. When you have existing sales staff to handle inbound inquiries and carry opportunities thru to close, use Masterwork Basic. This is a top-of-funnel proactive new business development approach incorporating email and phone outreach where GitGo does all the heavy-lifting to build the target prospecting list, conduct initial outreach, nurture interested and engaged contacts and deliver viable opportunities when they are ready to engage with your sales team.


  1. When you have had staff turnover on the sales team in general or you need end-to-end focus on specific market segments or geographic areas use Masterwork Gold. This is a full-service end-to-end solution using GitGo team for both reactive inbound sales chasing leads, nurturing and closing and  a robust focus on building the new business sales pipeline using outreach tactics of phone and email to find, nurture, engage and close business.


  1. When a hotel is undergoing a repositioning, renovation or you’re in a pre-opening stage, or you just need a little more customized approach with a dedicated project manager + our team of account managers and business development reps, then you need Masterwork Platinum. This program focuses on everything that basic and gold offer with the benefits of a project manager overseeing specialized needs during a repositioning or pre-opening phase. This could include additional marketing campaigns, assistance with setting up GDS, CRM set-up, market sales missions, etc. Look to GitGo as your extra hands to ensure the hotel opens with strength.


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