Case Study: 22% Growth Y-T-D Due To A Fully Integrated Sales Partnership

In December 2015 we partnered with a major hotel chain to provide a series of consulting, sales, and marketing support throughout both 2016 & 2017. Within this partnership our operations team requalifies existing accounts within one of our partner’s current but under-utilized programs, and proactively prospects new opportunities that fit the program. Our Activation team then provides lead nurturing and sales support to grow these existing accounts, and implement tactics to grow new accounts. In addition, our marketing coordinator provides quarterly marketing support via email campaigns, and our leadership team manages all administrative tasks and shares valuable insights with our partner to up-level systems and grow the overall category.

From this focus and our team’s efforts, we have already grown their revenue by 22% over last year, as of September 2016 and are actively managing over 800 nationwide accounts.

Figure 1: How many room nights do they use yearly, and when could we earn their business?
How many room nights do they use yearly, and when could we earn their business?

We like to say that this is just the “tip of the iceberg,” as statistics show that 80% of business is closed on the 5th to 12th contact. For example, we have uncovered more than 250 new opportunities (approximately 81,182 roomnights) for this particular partner since January of 2016. Of those 250 opportunities only 12 shared short-term needs, while 65 had specific long-term need periods stated, and 186 had scope fit needs with high interest in engaging further, but did not yet know the timeline for their next business opportunity.  The ability to focus and nurture these accounts is where busy teams get hung-up in the process.  However, with the Activation system at Plan B Consultants, Inc. & Sales4Hire™, we ensure every opportunity is fully vetted and nurtured over time for maximum return, and we manage the entire life of the customer.  Our partner relies on our expertise so that their employed sales staff can focus on additional priorities that make sense to move their business forward. We are proud & excited to share that their team has already met their new business goal for the year, as of August 2016!

Do you need a fully integrated system to ensure revenue is found and closed for your property or entire portfolio?  Or, perhaps you are looking to fill a gap of one or a few steps in the process as you build or rebuild your sales team?  We have proven the results in nearly every market, hotel size & dynamic.  So, let’s explore the possibilities together! CLICK HERE to view our full menu of service, or schedule a FREE “virtual brainstorm session” to see how together we can create a plan to tackle your hotel’s biggest sales challenges!

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