Hotels – What does the future hold?


When we envision a “futuristic hotel,” our minds may conjure images of valets zipping around on hoverboards, delivering our space-age luggage to our rooms. While it’s not quite that fantastical, it’s undeniably intriguing. McKinsey travel experts have laid out their predictions for how the hotel experience will evolve throughout the 2030s.

Gone are the days of waiting in line at the check-in desk. Instead, you’ll receive your room assignment via your smartphone, and hotel apps will seamlessly translate essential information into various languages. The future will bring a level of customization that’s nothing short of remarkable; everything in your hotel room, from the lighting intensity to your preferred coffee brew, and even your shower settings, will be tailored to your preferences, all driven by data.

Moreover, hotels will cease to be cookie-cutter establishments, mirroring their unique surroundings and offering more distinct experiences based on geography, departing from the one-size-fits-all approach.

Looking ahead, the green conscience will take center stage, with guests increasingly selecting hotels that champion sustainability. This places pressure on corporations to take action even before regulators do. Technology will play a pivotal role; room sensors will monitor occupancy and activities, adjusting temperatures to minimize energy consumption (given that HVAC systems are the primary energy guzzlers in hotels).

Going beyond sustainability, hotels will also embrace a more responsible approach to employment, offering greater role flexibility, enhanced pay, and improved training for their staff.

Now, let’s circle back to the snazzy new tech on the horizon. While current hotels focus on spas and amenities, the future may center around customizable restaurant menus and cutting-edge room technology and lighting. Imagine using VR and 3D glasses to explore various room options before booking, while the rooms themselves can be automated to transform furniture configurations based on the guest’s needs.

These innovations are undeniably exciting, but we’ll reserve our true enthusiasm until there’s a voice-activated french fry dispenser right there on the bedside table!

(Content & ideas courtesy of thehustle.co & McKinsey)

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