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GitGo Announces Additions to Leadership Team & Company Expansion focusing on supporting Hospitality Industry Transformation  

GitGo, a leading Hospitality & Hotel B2B Sales Partner Agency announced several additions to their Leadership Team that will support company growth.  The newly aligned team will focus on optimizing their client service offerings and adding new technology solutions for their partners spanning the hospitality industry segment as the industry rebounds from the challenges of recent years. 

GitGo CEO and Founder Amy Infante says that the company has re-oriented around delivering new products & services that will transform hospitality sales & marketing convergence: “More than ever, hotels look to us as a key partner to help them meet their goals, and the new members of our team are committed to innovation, which ultimately delivers client success.” 


As of September 20th, 2021, the Leadership Team at GitGo will include: 

  • Amy Infante, Chief Executive Officer. Founded GitGo 15 years ago after a career in hotel sales leadership. 
  • Joseph Tracy, Chief Growth Officer. Global marketing leader with more than a decade of B2B experience. 
  • Ryan Ahrens, Vice President of Sales Delivery. Global operations leader with more than 20 years of hotel sales experience. 
  • Ted Goudie, Director of Growth Marketing. Marketing strategist with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 
  • Donna Cooper, Business Strategy Advisor. Global sales leader with more than 30 years of experience in hotel sales leadership. 


In addition to the executive appointments, GitGo is recruiting for new sales support, business development, & account management roles to expand the talent foundation & support the future growth of the company. 

About GitGo 

GitGo is a leading Hospitality & Hotel B2B Sales Partner Agency with a remote team that serves clients around the world. Founded in 2005 by hotel sales visionary Amy Infante, GitGo helps hotels win more revenue through sophisticated, personalized outreach at scale. GitGo works with hotel owners, hotel management groups, and enterprise hospitality brands across North America. The company combines technical expertise, strategic targeting, and industry-leading client services to help hotels transform their business outreach strategy and achieve their revenue goals. 

Visit gitgogroup.com for more information. 




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